Here’s How MTV Plans to Safely Film ‘Teen Mom’ During the Pandemic

Fear not! More ‘Teen Mom’ is on the way! MTV has given the green light on another season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and will most likely do the same for ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Unfortunately, it looks like ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ will not be returning but there has not been an official announcement about that yet. Now the network must figure out how to film for ‘Teen Mom OG’ without contributing to the spread of COVID-19 and in a way that keeps the cast and crew safe.

According to an insider who spoke with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the crew will be filming again soon but the schedule and procedures will be quite different from anything they have done in the past. “The company wants to fly the same group of production and crew members to [the girl’s] area and keep them there for a few months. This is very different from our normal shooting schedule, where we’d only be out there a week or so at a time and then come home.”

The crew will be required to quarantine for one week prior to filming and will be tested for the virus every two weeks during filming. They will also have their temperature checked every day before starting to film. Essentially the crew will be isolated during the time of filming which means they will be away from home for a much longer amount of time than usual. Not all crew and cast members are going to be happy with this arrangement.

“No one will be allowed to go home to see their families, or have people visit them in the state they’re working in,” a second source said. “They will be kept in a quarantine ‘bubble’ just like the NBA. They’ll basically be isolated from everyone but the cast and other crew members.”

MTV is going to have to find crew members who are willing to travel and film for an extended period of time under these conditions.

“…this would all begin as early as August 2 and go for as long as 15 weeks. The network is providing housing for everyone— and we’re being promised it’s accommodations that are better-suited for long-term stays, instead of just the standard hotel rooms. But a lot of people are holding out to see how the pay will be. That August 2 date doesn’t seem plausible.”

‘Teen Mom’ production shut down back in March of 2020 which will likely be shown in the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that is set to air this summer. Hopefully, we will get to see some of the footage the cast members shot on their own. We would have seen self-shot footage in the Cory & Taylor birth special had it not been pulled at the last minute. (read more about that here!)

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What do you think of the network’s decision to start filming again and under these conditions? Are you excited to see the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2?’ Leave your thoughts in the comments below and don’t for get to sign up for Teen Mom Madness e-mails so you can get all the drama sent straight to your inbox!


    • This show is a joke…why are you paying huge salaries to Tyler and Cate, who owe the government $850,000 in back taxes, outrageous that this LOW rated show is coming back…hope this is the FINAL leg of this awful trainwreck of a cast, bye OG, get real jobs and PAY YOUR TAX BILL!

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