Copying Kail? Jenelle Evans Dyes Kids Hair in New VIDEO

If you’re looking for hard hitting ‘Teen Mom’ journalism today, this… is not it. That being said lets talk about Jenelle Evans latest YouTube video in which she dyes her husband’s and her kids’ hair. We got to see a glimpse of David’s new blond locks earlier this month on Jenelle’s Instagram but in her latest video she shows the road that lead David to allowing Jenelle to butcher his hair.

The video starts off with the family piling into their mom-mobile for a trip to Walmart to purchase some groceries and some hair dye. Jenelle says that she wanted to dye her hair white (for some reason) and that David wasn’t having it… so instead he wanted her to dye his hair. (Cause that makes sense…)

While picking out a color for David, the family also grabs some hair dye for David’s daughter Marissa and Jenelle’s son Kaiser. Jenelle repeatedly assures the viewers that the dye she used for Kaiser is “semi-permanent” and will wash out in the bath.

About a month ago fellow ‘Teen Mom 2′ star Kailyn Lowry randomly had two of her sons’ hair dyed at a salon. (I’m sure this is a total coincidence… no?)


Jenelle and David were called out for their copy cat behavior when David decided to grow a “mullet” right after ‘Teen Mom 2’ husband Cole DeBoer did the very same thing.

Kaiser’s blue hair:

David’s blond mullet:

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