Mackenzie McKee Reveals SHE Cheated on Husband Josh in New Interview

A lot has changed since we last reported on Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh. Back in May Mackenzie announced on social media that she believed Josh was cheating on her with her own cousin. At the time she stated that she was done with her marriage, but was Mackenzie projecting her own guilt onto Josh? She is now saying that she was the one who had an affair.

In the Spring of 2020, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star claimed that her husband was spending an enormous amount of time calling and texting her cousin instead of supporting her after her mother’s death. She believed that Josh was abandoning her when she needed him the most.

“I’m sad for my kids. I love Jesus and I loved my family. People have tried to tell me for years Josh doesn’t love me, and I just made excuses for him. But today is the day I walk away. Pray for me, that I can function, feel worthy again and find hope. Pray for my kids, I always wanted my family to work so they don’t have to live in two different houses. I was 100% committed to Josh and so much I don’t understand,” Mackenzie stated.

Soon after making the shocking announcement online she quickly backtracked and revealed that the situation was a misunderstanding. According to Mackenzie, Josh was seeking advice from Mac’s cousin for how to deal with caring for someone who was grieving. The interactions were innocent, and Josh felt bad that he did not spend more time with Mackenzie in her time of need. However, Mackenzie still believed that Josh should have been honest with her and the way the two were talking behind her back was not right.

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Now the plot thickens even more, in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show. Mackenzie reveals that back in 2017 she was the one who had an affair. This was never revealed on ‘Teen Mom’ because she was not filming during that time.

“When we were married, when Broncs was a baby, I did get in a relationship with a man and that was in 2017 and he caught me and he left me, and not only did he leave but he gained full custody of the kids,” she revealed. “And that was one thing he did not care to go on the Internet, but I know he was really angry.”

Mackenzie goes on to explain that she and Josh both had a hand in destroying their marriage. “And one day he came home and I decided I was never going to do that again because I saw the hurt but he wasn’t giving me what I needed in a man, so I found it in someone else.”

It seems like the two have taken turns cheating on one another. We saw last season on ‘Teen Mom OG’ that Josh admitted to “being inappropriate” with a woman at a bar while he was out of town.

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It is unclear right now whether the two are back together. Mackenzie and Josh have been spending a lot of time together over the past week with their children, but Mack has claimed that the two are co-parenting.

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