Unexpected: Caelan Morrison “Found the Right Person for Him” – His New Girlfriend Revealed

TLC’s Unexpected star Caelan Morrison has moved on from his dysfunctional relationship with McKayla Adkins with whom he shares two children. He has now been dating a young woman by the name of Hana Fawaz, a licensed cosmetologist and laser technician.

The two have now been together for several months but have not publicly shared photos together other than a couple dug up by Soap Dirt. You can find them however in a few TikTok videos together. (Btw, Caelan is regularly active on TikTok if you did not know and the videos are… interesting.)  

In one video Caelan celebrates overcoming anxiety and depression and finding the right person for himself. In another post about Hana he shared a photo of the two of them holding hands with the caption: “For the first time in my life I don’t have to try to be happy, when I’m with you it just happens.”

This comes after a very publicized and unhealthy relationship between Caelan and Kayla came to an end early this year. The two broke up on their daughter’s first birthday in a scene that ended up with police involvement. It all boiled down to a disagreement about who would pay for a paternity test that McKayla agreed to pay for and later refused. Caelan’s response was that he was laid off at the time and that McKayla spends more on tattoos and medicinal marijuana.

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They took to YouTube to share their respective sides to the story and not much has been heard about the situation since. Especially now that McKayla and Caelan will not be returning to Unexpected in season 4. In a YouTube Q&A from March, Adkins says that she wishes she and Caelan had better communication and that they do have a visitation agreement set in place.

McKayla has also found a new beau that she has been dating for a few months this year. The two seem to have gotten together not long after McKayla created an OnlyFans account at the end of April. (McKayla no longer seems to be promoting her account on the adult website.) Other than a few photos with short captions, Mckayla has been pretty private about this new relationship.

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Thankfully these two have managed to find relationships that seem to be going well and are no longer struggling to make their relationship to one another work. Now perhaps they can focus on co-parenting and settle down.


  1. They were toxic together. He should have never got back with her when she dumped him before their daughter was born.

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