Mackenzie McKee Opens Up About Depression and Grief in Emotional Post

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Mackenzie McKee has been faced with a lot of loss this past year. The tragic passing of her mother Angie Douthit in December, after two yearlong battle with lung cancer, followed by the end of her marriage to Josh McKee after an alleged cheating scandal. It is understandable that Mackenzie would be struggling with a great deal of depression and grief on top of trying to keep herself healthy. Mackenzie has type 1 diabetes which requires a lot of focus on nutrition and exercise. In a social media post Mack opens up about how hard she has been struggling lately.

Gonna get real for a hot sec…. posting the first photo because it was a moment in life where my heart was so full of happiness. Posting the second because this is simply a raw image of what goes on behind closed doors and I know so many of you struggle silently. (Screen shot of a FaceTime with my sister) Idk what it is like to struggle with depression or anxiety without knowing WHAT is causing it. But I do know it IS a thing. I have struggled with it in 2019-2020 more than I ever thought imaginable. I’ve been through things i never knew could happen to me,” Mackenzie says.

However I’ve also learned more about myself, my OWN sins and know I’m becoming stronger through this darkness. Finding the balance of battling mental illness and chasing success is tricky. But I’m a warrior and I will SURVIVE. If you are in a dark place please read something my momma told me and I was pleasantly reminded of it on my morning run. -what you think of yourself and how you view yourself is not always facts. It can be a solid lie from SATAN. -what GOD thinks of you is 100% FACTS. Solid truth. How he views you is who you are. The BEST thing you can do is learn to see yourself how God sees you. It could change everything. How you live, how you treat others, your happiness. How your CHILDREN see you Etc. -and last. Never depend on others, or how the world sees you to determine your happiness. (This is hard for me being in the spotlight) but it is true. YOU determine your own happiness. I am sharing because I love you guys, and I pray this will help someone. You are never alone in your battles.

Mackenzie shared on Twitter that living the reality of losing a parent is a nightmare. “Have you ever just thought about your parents dying and started crying? I did that all the time growing up. Like a living nightmare and now that It’s reality it truly is a nightmare.

The teen mom also revealed that staying active is how she keeps her blood sugar, immune system and mental health in check. Mackenzie and Josh seem to be getting a long better these days and have been spending a lot of time with each other and their children. It’s unclear whether or not they are working out their relationship. On July 28th she shared this playful tweet: “Josh and I may have done a million things wrong. But idc he has this girl Dad thing down. And now I feel like I gotta step my game up.”

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