The New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Trailer is Here!

They’re back! ‘Teen Mom 2’ is returning next month and the teaser trailer is chalked full of the baby mama drama we all know and love. This season will follow Jade Cline, Chelsea DeBoer, Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry as they continue their young motherhood struggles.

The trailer kicks of with a lot of Jade screaming about not wanting to fail. I’m thinking that this season will follow the beginning of her cosmetology career. She graduated from  Empire Beauty School back in December of 2019 and started working out of a salon shortly after.

Kailyn’s story will at some point reveal a conversation with her estranged mother about the fact that she has yet to meet Kail’s youngest son, Lux. Hopefully we will learn more about Kail’s up and down relationship with Chris Lopez since during the time of filming the two were in a messy domestic violence situation. Kail’s 4th pregnancy is sure to be a big part of her story line this season as well.

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Leah is emotional throughout the trailer about her daughter Ali’s health. “With muscular dystrophy, you can’t fall like that,” she says through tears. Later we see Leah filming herself at home most likely toward the end of the season when the pandemic shut down production.

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Chelsea’s story will continue to follow the baby daddy drama she has with Aubree’s dad Adam. “Does this mean we have to go to court again?” Chelsea asks looking annoyed and exhausted. She’s got to be talking about A-D-A-M right?

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Don’t worry Briana is bringing even more drama this season with her contracting an STD. “This season will be trash for me,” Bri tweeted back in May. “I cannot take it. Ready for everything to be over with…I’m praying it won’t even air but whatever, it’s out of my hands now anyway.” Briana’s STD talk came after a hookup with her ex Louis. (Father of her second daughter Stella.)

Watch the quick trailer below and leave your thoughts in the comment section! Which story can you not wait to see? Which story do you not care to see? New episodes will air Tuesdays starting September 1st on MTV!


  1. So screwing Louis the first night you meet him in a club using NO protection didn’t teach you a lesson even after the pregnancy test turned Positive you Brainiac Brianna decided to have sex with Louis without a condom AGAIN!! Sorry but that’s fully on one person’s shoulders BRIANNA!! You are the mother of 2 innocent girls you should be an example to them of what to look up to not be the person they look down on!!

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