Baby Photos! Kailyn Lowry Shares Newborn Pics and Answers Fan Questions About the Birth!

Kailyn Lowry of ‘Teen Mom 2’ welcomed her fourth baby boy on Thursday July 30th with a home birth. Naturally fans have been dying to see the baby, know his name, and hear details about her experience in giving birth at home. Unfortunately Kailyn still doesn’t have a name for her newest addition, so for now she’s calling him “baby boy.” She did answer a bunch of questions in an Instagram Q&A session and shared some photos of the baby, as well as a peek into her labor!

Fun fact! Kailyn decided to ingest her placenta after giving birth! This is becoming more and more common as it’s shown to have health benefits.

Question: How was the placenta concoction? I wanted to do it but lost the nerve
Answer: It was fine! I couldn’t taste the placenta at all.

Question: How was your home birth? Hope you and bubs are doing well.
Answer: It was an experience I’m very thankful for. I’ll be telling the whole story on the Coffee Convos Podcast when I come back from my little break!

Question: Who was the biggest baby?
Answer: Linc and baby boy were the biggest babies.
Linc- 8 lbs 6oz
Baby boy- 8 lbs 15oz

Question: When will you post the baby’s face?
Answer: Honestly he has some swelling still and his eye is bruised from delivery so once that all subsides I will.

Question: How was a home deliver vs hospital? Is it more peaceful?
Answer: Everything was on my terms. What my body was telling me to do. I wasn’t connected to a bed. I didn’t have to prevent myself from pushing when i felt i had to, didn’t have to push when my body didn’t have the urge. I controlled everything.

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Question: How is the baby sleeping throughout the night? Do you have any help or on your own? Answer: My friend has been helping me

Question: Why did you need honey for your home birth?
Answer: For my diapers LOL My midwife says it’s good for the {Cat emoji} and antimicrobial.

Question: Did you have a doula present for your birth?
Answer: I did not have a doula. next time

More of a statement than a question: That’s not Chris’ baby.
Answer: You can pay for the paternity test if you would like me to prove it.

‘Teen Mom 2’ returns September 1st on MTV, watch the full trailer here!

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