Gender Reveal! Chelsea Houska Reveals Baby’s Gender & Shares A Bump Pic!

‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Chelsea and Cole DeBoer announced they are having a baby via Instagram on Wednesday. This will Chelsea’s fourth baby, her third with husband Cole. Today the couple shared their gender reveal, a photo of Chelsea and Cole along with their children, (Aubree, Waston and Layne) in front of the house they are in the process of building. You can see in the pic an explosion of pink streamers above them indicating that the DeBoer family will be having another girl!

In a conversation with one of her followers Chelsea claims that as of right now this will be her last baby… but you never know what the future holds. “This little babe will probably complete the fam!” Chelsea commented. “I mean, I’m 98.5% sure but maybe we’ll get a wild hair in like 5 years, who knows!


Chelsea shared her first bump photo on Instagram yesterday with the caption: “Hiii little babe.” It’s hard to tell just how far along she is currently but in her pregnancy announcement she said we can expect the newest DeBoer in early 2021.

Chelsea also talked a little bit about her thoughts on breastfeeding. “I’m gonna start off nursing but if it gets to the point it was last time, I’m not going to be too hard on myself and [I’ll] do what’s best for my mental health,” she continued. “But honestly after I stopped breastfeeding Layne my anxiety got 3000% better. So I’m not sure if it was related to those hormones and everything that goes along with nursing but I’ve been feeling great and feel good knowing what to look for postpartum this go around.

Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates and check out the latest DeBoer home build update here! ‘Teen Mom 2’ returns on September 1st on MTV!

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