Chelsea & Cole DeBoer Home Build Update! Exterior Revealed & the Black Barn!

‘Teen Mom 2’ fan favorites Chelsea and Cole DeBoer seem to be having a pretty great year! (Can they share some of that joy with the rest of us!?) The couple have been building their dream home through most of 2020 and are hoping to be moved in before the holidays. Chelsea has given a new update on the house via the “Down Home DeBoers” Instagram, which has been chronicling the home build.

“House update!! They are putting the brick on!! We are doing a heavy whitewashed look so once the brick is done it will look mostly white. LoOOOVingg the look. The screened in back deck is being installed. I feel like a lot of memories are gonna be made on that back porch 🥰 Annnnd the walls are textured! I think floors are the next step and I’m so excited! I’m kind of nervous for everything we picked out to start coming together…what if it doesn’t look right when all of our selections come into one space?! 😅😅😅” -DownHomeDeboers

We got another peek into what the interior will look like with a post about lighting. You can see the couple’s light fixture choices along with some other interior sneak peeks in the slideshow below. “After picking out lighting yesterday, I changed almost every light within 24 hours 😂 I’m super excited about this entry light! And the 2 goosenecks will go over the little entry bench! I went simple with the dining light (but still gorg)…I think I wanna leave that one on the simple side and be able to decorate with some fun pieces! Originally we had a light fixture in our master bedroom but after realizing how much I NEED a fan to sleep, we switched that out to match the one in the living room (but smaller in the bedroom, of course). Some pretty vanity lights for the master bath. Aubree needed a white antler chandelier (def my child) so she got that! Finishing it off with some fun bar lights! I MAY have found a beaded light for above the tub but I’m not 100% yet on that. Why is that the hardest decision so far?! 😅”

The DeBoers have also talked a lot about having a black barn that will contrast the white washed house. Here’s a look at the design:

Chelsea and Cole wrote their names on the wall framing before the drywall went up and used it as an opportunity to announce they are having another baby! “When we were writing blessings on the house before the drywall went up, we wrote all our names and couldn’t leave out the new babe. So glad Cole got this photo! Our whole family 🤍 newest DeBoer coming 2021.”

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‘Teen Mom 2’ returns September 1st on MTV!


  1. The barn looks amazing. So happy for your new home beginnings and new addition to the family congrats and I look forward to watching you on teen Mom

  2. I really hate to see you leave Chelslea, you and your family have always been my favorite!, I have been watching ever since Aubrey was a baby!. The show will not be the same without you and your family, I wish you all the best!! please post pictures of the kids and new baby girl! much love, big fan!!

    Jan Spears

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