Video! Kailyn Lowry Documents Placenta Encapsulation & Smoothie! Plus Meet Baby Creed in First On-Screen Appearance!

Yes! Some new moms opt to ingest their placenta for its health benefits during recovery from giving birth. After welcoming her fourth son last month, Kailyn Lowry said that “there’s a first time for everything” and decided to give placenta encapsulation a go. The whole process was documented for her YouTube channel. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star shared a video that follows Callie Landis, certified placenta encapsulation specialist and founder of Lancaster Placenta Co, to Kailyn’s massive home in Delaware to encapsulate her placenta.

Kailyn’s friend Natalie, who is revealed to have also been a teen mom, was present to observe and ask questions about the encapsulation process.

Callie walks viewers through the process of preparing the placenta and creating a keepsake print before getting started with making Kail’s placenta smoothie. She says that drinking the smoothie will give Kailyn an energy boost and assist in her recovery from giving birth.

Inside Kailyn Lowry’s Nursery for Baby Number 4!

Kailyn makes a short appearance in the video while she is drinking the smoothie and seemed to be enjoying it!  Her new bundle of joy, Creed, made an appearance in the video as well, revealing his face for the first time publicly. The video was produced by Lancaster Placenta Co and TT Productions which could explain why she wasn’t in most of the video as it could potentially interfere with her ‘Teen Mom 2’ contract. (The moms are not generally able to film for anything other than the show without approval from MTV. Especially if it is “mom” related content.)

Callie then shows the full process of cutting up and dehydrating the placenta so that she can make the pills and an all-purpose balm for Kail to enjoy. She gives a lot of interesting information about the benefits of using placenta products and explains that the capsules are “a supplement that she can take every day to help her thrive during her post-partum journey.”

The balm that Callie makes for Kail can be used for dry skin, as a natural nipple butter, diaper rashes, scarring and more. It contains some of the dried placenta powder and some herbs and oils.

Callie was AMAZING, so knowledgeable and friendly as well. I highly recommend her company if you’re even thinking about encapsulation… Not only did Callie encapsulate my placenta, she made me a smoothie too and I noticed I had more energy pretty quickly after I drank it! I cannot wait to talk about this experience on @coffeeconvospodcast 🙌🏻” Kailyn shared to Instagram.

Disclaimer: The video shows Kailyn’s literal placenta so watch at your own discretion.

Kailyn’s pregnancy will be featured on the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that begins on September 1st. If you have not seen the full trailer yet you can do that here! Don’t forget to sign up for Teen Mom Madness e-mails and leave a comment below if you would take placenta pills!


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