Farrah Abraham Slammed by Daughter Sophia for Exposing & Embarrassing Her

On the August 16th episode of Farrah and Sophia’s Abraham Gals podcast, 11-year-old Sophia tells her mom to stop embarrassing her by talking publicly about her puberty. Sophia surprisingly points out that Farrah does not respect her privacy and embarrasses her regularly.

Farrah asked Sophia on the podcast if she plans on shaving under her arms. Sophia quickly snaps back asking, “Why do you always have to talk about that? Stop trying to expose me on TMZ! It’s really embarrassing!”

Farrah revealed some personal information about Sophia to TMZ back in January stating, “Well, I mean she started having B.O. [body odor], ya know, she started having armpit hair. Like, our kids are going through puberty and luckily my daughter is more well-behaved than I see of her other kids and her other peers and I’m very blessed.”

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Sophia scolded her mother on the topic during the podcast, “Not one single person on this earth would talk about their child growing armpit hair! It’s embarrassing to talk about it and spread it all over the whole world!”

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Farrah was not bothered by Sophia’s statements and insisted that it’s good for them to talk about puberty so that they can remove some of the stigma about it… I suppose?

“I think people want to know where you are and if you’re sproutin out hairs,” Farrah laughed. “People don’t talk about puberty and then people don’t know how to deal with it. It’s not even awkward, it’s not even embarrassing, everyone has it.”

You can listen to the full podcast over on The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. (It’s not like any podcast you’ve ever listened to because… well… it’s Farrah Abraham!)

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