Jenelle Eason (Evans) & Family Discuss Their MTV Firing, Nugget’s Death and CPS in New Tell-All Interview

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Eason, her husband David and mother Barbara sat down for an in depth interview about their time on MTV and the drama surrounding their family for the past several years.

The video posted to Jenelle’s YouTube channel was created as a way for Jenelle to get her full side of the story out there. It is actually the first installment of a series that Jenelle plans to share on her channel. I’ll go over the key points that were talked about in the 47 minute video below.

“Within the next few episodes I’m going to explain the corruption, distress and trauma introduced to my family by CPS (Child Protective Services) of May 2019. I’m doing this to expose the truth of what happened despite all the media reports made. I’m also doing this to share with my fans what has really happened.” – Jenelle Eason.

David Eason makes his first appearance in the video to address the murder of their family dog Nugget. This event is significant because it seems to be what started the investigation into Jenelle and David’s parenting choices. David doesn’t give any new information about how he “put down” the dog but explains further why he decided to kill her.

“Nugget, she was a loving dog to me but she was not loving toward our kids at all. I loved the dog, our kids loved her but she didn’t love the kids.” David continues, explaining that they had several videos of Nugget chasing and attacking the kid’s bikes, four-wheelers and even the car. She would chase and attack the wheels and ended up getting hurt often.

“She would bite their feet, she would bite the wheels of their bicycles… she wasn’t always vicious but she had a lot of vicious tendencies. She was really kind of mean.”

“She bit Ensley on the face more than one time. The first time it happened we should have gotten rid of her.” David explains that instead of rehoming the dog they tried to work with her and used positive reinforcement when the dog would be kind to the children. However, when Nugget bit Ensley on the face again one day, David made the decision to take her life.

“I took it upon myself to put the dog down. That’s the way my family has always done it when a dog bites somebody.” David claims that his father put down their family dog when he was growing up because it bit him. “I regret it but sometimes that’s the way it works. I wish it hadn’t of had to happen that way.”

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On her firing from MTV Jenelle says she saw it coming and details her last experience filming at the Teen Mom 2 reunion in NYC. At the time Jenelle, Barbara and David had to stay in an AirBnB in Philadelphia to keep David away from the MTV filming location. Jenelle and Barbara had to drive to NYC on filming day and unfortunately Jenelle was sick with a stomach bug at the time. Jenelle says that despite being sick she pushed herself to film only to be ambushed by Co-host Nessa on stage.

Jenelle’s mother Barbara gives her feelings on being fired from ‘Teen Mom 2,’ “After the dog incident with David, Jenelle and I were let go from MTV. I just don’t feel that it was fair because there’s other people on that show, on the OG show, Amber Portwood going around with a machete trying to kill her boyfriend… and she’s still on the show.” Barbara continued, “don’t get me wrong, Jenelle’s no angel and I don’t condone her behavior but you know the deal was to sign up and your life would be portrayed on tv. There really was no justification for why we were let go.”

Jenelle also painfully recalls the day that Kaiser was removed from daycare without her consent and taken to South Carolina by Kaiser’s grandmother. (Who was following orders from CPS to do so.) “I got a voicemail on May 10th 2019 {from the teacher] stating that the grandmother had came and picked up Kaiser [from daycare] and she didn’t know why. She said that CPS came to the daycare and was asking her a bunch of questions, they interviewed Kaiser and they didn’t tell her any details about that interview… they told Nathan’s mother to pick up Kaiser and she drove from Myrtle Beach, SC all the way to Leland, NC to pick up Kaiser.”

Jenelle explains that when Kaiser was taken illegally because of the social worker who had no signed paper work and no legal right to take Jenelle’s children. Her lawyer told her that she could go pick up her son but when Jenelle showed up to get Kaiser, Nathan’s mother refused to answer the door. After returning to North Carolina Jenelle attempted to find out the allegations against her but the social workers wanted her to voluntarily sign over her children to foster care or to a relative before they would answer any questions.

More details on the CPS investigation and court hearings should come in the upcoming episodes of Jenelle’s series. Stay tuned!

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