‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea DeBoer’s (Houska) Pregnancy Update! How Aubree Found Out!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea DeBoer announced in August that she’s expecting her fourth child (third with husband Cole DeBoer) to arrive in early 2021. The couple then quickly revealed they are having another baby girl. (See their cute gender reveal here.)

In a recent interview with E! News Chelsea talks about how different this pregnancy is from the others. “I thought I was a pro… I thought, ‘Ok, I’ve had a boy and two girls. I know what this will be like’ but this one has definitely been different. I’m definitely more sick. I have acne. I’ve never had that before during my pregnancy. This one is definitely throwing me for a loop. I always say that since this one is likely going to be our last one, they are going to give us all the symptoms so we’re okay with being done!”

Chelsea gushed over how great her husband Cole has been handling her pregnancy and supporting her through all the symptoms. “Oh my gosh! He is always just above and beyond. He’s so sweet and supportive and even if I’m not feeling the greatest or look the greatest, he’s always telling me, ‘Oh you’re so beautiful’ and making sure to lift me up. He’s so great.”

Chelsea’s oldest daughter Aubree is excited to be a big sister again and it didn’t take her long to figure out what was going on. “Before, we always tried to tell her in cute ways because she was younger and never knew what was going on and this time it was different.” Chelsea said. “She’s almost 11 so she knows what’s going on. She knew we wanted another baby and she went into my bathroom and said, ‘Mom! This pregnancy test says positive.’ I was like, ‘Oh! Ok, well now you know I guess.'”

While it’s scary for the couple to be going through a pregnancy during the pandemic Chelsea and family remain positive and and seem to be enjoying life regardless. “My family is so fun and funny. I love being around them,” Chelsea shared. “I just enjoy having the family, living in the country and being able to go outside and have space. I’m definitely taking more moments to just really soak it in and be appreciative of family and everything we have.”

The DeBoers are still building their dream home in the country. Click here to see the progress on their gorgeous farmhouse and stay tuned for another update coming soon!

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