Jenelle Eason’s Docuseries ‘I Have Something to Say’ Episode 2 Recap

The second installment of Jenelle Eason’s (Evans) docuseries ‘I Have Something to Say’ has been uploaded to her YouTube channel. Episode 2 continues Jenelle’s story of losing her children to CPS in the Spring of 2019. Jenelle sits down with husband David and mother Barbara to discuss the events surrounding their experience with CPS at that time.

The description for episode two reads, “Continuing from Episode 1, dive deep into my past with me and see detailed information about my CPS case from last year. In this episode, you will see content I filmed a year ago and watch exclusive interviews from myself, Babs, and David speaking about the beginning of court and how everyone was feeling. David gives some insight about his visitations with Maryssa and how the media was portraying things at that time.”

Jenelle filmed some clips of herself in May and June of 2019 during the time that the children, Ensley, Kaiser and Maryssa, were living with their respective grandmothers while the entire family attended court hearings. Jenelle talks about her devastation and shows her children’s’ empty bedrooms. “I didn’t do nothing wrong… I don’t deserve this. I know what kind of mom I am and I’m a damn good mom. I do everything every day for my kids,” Jenelle said during that time.

Jenelle goes on to talk about their days in court. She says that she was on time every day and calls out Nathan for allegedly being late every day. A big problem that the family had with the situation was the behavior of the CPS social worker, Susan. David claims Susan was unprofessional and would “push buttons” on purpose to make them feel like bad parents. Jenelle suggests that the social worker was speaking with tabloids behind the scenes.

Jenelle and David claim the situation with CPS brought them together and that during the two months they were without their children they spent their time planning the future. (Which is interesting considering Jenelle went on to leave David in October and move to TN.) It was also revealed that during that time Jenelle and David were taking parenting classes and David was taking an anger management class.

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Barbara’s portion of the interview mainly revolved around how “pointless” the whole situation was. She says she was forced to pay $11,000 for a lawyer who only asked a handful of questions. Babs didn’t feel that she or Jace should have been involved at all since Jenelle didn’t have custody of Jace and he lived with Barbara.

Jenelle said she was willing to do whatever she had to in order to bring her children home. “We knew for these kids we had to be strong. We’re the only ones they had, this was their home, this was what they should come back to and this is what they deserve. We knew we had a big mountain to climb in front of us but we still did it. We had to buckle down every day and do it.”

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