Chelsea & Cole DeBoer Home Build Update! The New Black Exterior, Kitchen, Laundry and more!

It’s time for another Down Home DeBoer Farmhouse progress update! ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Chelsea and Cole have been building their dream home since the beginning of 2020 and are hoping to be finished and ready to move in by November. We’ve been following their home build journey through their Instagram and have gathered all the latest photos to share with you. (See our last home build update here!!)

Since our last update the DeBoers have made the decision to paint the exterior of the home black. Originally the plan was to have a white house and black barn but at the last minute they had the house painted black as well. It’s a really unique style and the couple are extremely happy with the way it turned out.

“I cannot tell you how many times we went back and forth on what color we wanted to do this house. Go classic with a white farmhouse? Or go bold and go with a black/gray farmhouse?! Well….our hearts said go dark SO DARK WE WENT….AND WE ARE IN LOOOOOOVE. 🖤”

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The laundry room and mudroom are also coming along nicely! Flooring has been installed throughout the home as well.

“A couple more updates! We have our big farmhouse sink 🖤 we cannot get over how much we LOVE our huge kitchen island…and beyond excited to see it with our countertop coming from @ttgranite ! They said it could be on in a week, can’t wait to show you guys what we picked! Also included a picture of the lower level bath that’s coming together! Pretty wild to see everything we chose months ago, finally coming together…and SO happy they are looking just like we had imagined!!”

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Once the building process is finished the DeBoers plan to continue documenting their home through decorating and life on the farm. Stay tuned for more home build updates coming soon!


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