Jenelle Eason’s YouTube Docuseries Comes To An End | Here’s Everything We Learned

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Eason (Evans) has wrapped up her docuseries called “I Have Something to Say.” The series consisted of six episodes shared to Jenelle’s YouTube channel over the past two months. Each episode revealing events that took place in 2019 when Jenelle & David’s children were taken by CPS. (Child Protective Services) The series was an attempt to expose CPS for being “corrupt” and “illegally” taking the couple’s children.

A big focus was on the CPS case worker, Susan Hillburn. Jenelle and David both agreed that the case worker was biased and wanted to remove their children because of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ They also accused her of selling stories of the court proceedings to online magazines and tabloids. Jenelle also claimed that a “child support worker” in the CPS office told her that she and David were often a topic of gossip in the office, long before any action was taken against them.

Unfortunately, the series did not really change the minds of most people who watched it. The comments sections of each video are filled with viewers who were not convinced that CPS was able to remove the children “for no reason.” While Jenelle and David did get their kids back at the end of the investigation, Jenelle ended up leaving David just a couple months later and getting a restraining order against him. This seemingly solidified the concerns that David is abusive toward Jenelle and the children and the need for a CPS investigation. This was finally mentioned in the last episode when David says that he and Jenelle “split up for a couple months,” but Jenelle just “needed to party and get it out of her system.”

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David was instructed to complete anger management classes while the investigation was taking place. Jenelle boasts that they immediately enrolled themselves in anger management classes, substance abuse classes and parenting classes. She shared footage of herself waiting in the car while David attended his anger management class and expressed her feelings about the situation. In fact, there was a decent amount of behind the scenes footage of Jenelle trying to deal with the situation which was probably the highlight of the docuseries. She filmed herself crying over the loss of her children and the pain she was going through being home without them. One segment of this, however, did not go over well with viewers, in episode 5 Jenelle accused her stepdaughter Maryssa of lying on the stand about David’s anger issues. She said the 11-year-old lied because she missed going to public school. (She has been homeschooled by Jenelle and David for the past couple of years.)

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Another big fail of the series was the couple’s attempt to justify the killing of their family dog, Nugget. This has been one of the biggest controversies that they have faced and it’s the one thing that no one is going to let go or forget. David “put down” their French bulldog last year when he repeatedly nipped at their daughter Ensley’s face. David made the decision to kill the dog without Jenelle’s consent which lead to Jenelle giving David the silent treatment for a few days after reporting the incident to the police. She quickly regrated her decision to involve the police and refused to cooperate with them when they tried to investigate the situation. David admitted to “playing dumb” and also not cooperating with police when they attempted to search the home for the dog in question. The police department finally became fed up with the situation and claimed the whole thing was a publicity stunt so they could move on a focus on more pressing police work. Jenelle seemed angry about this as well stating that she never once told the police that this was a publicity stunt. In the end it seemed like the couple were outraged by the police attempting to investigate the situation at all. David even saying that what he does on “his property, with his property, is no one’s business.”

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All in all, there was not any huge reveal that we were hoping for. There was not a lot of new information other than the accusations that the CPS workers, lawyers, and original judge on the case were biased and just didn’t like Jenelle and David. The series was interesting to watch since we haven’t been able to watch Jenelle’s story on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ So, I would recommend if you miss seeing her on the show to give the series a try.


  1. Thank you for watching and giving us readers a summary. I am scared for Marysa. May God watch over her and protect her.

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