Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau Split After Kailyn Lowry Exposed Cheating on ‘Teen Mom 2’

What a mess of a situation for ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Javi Marroquin and now ex-girlfriend and mother of his second child, Lauren Comeau. On last week’s episode Javi’s ex-wife Kailyn blasted him for once again trying to “hook up” with her despite being engaged to Lauren. This isn’t the first time that Kailyn has exposed Javi for trying to sleep with her. She also mentioned Javi came to her hotel room during a past reunion special in New York.

Javi has also been caught cheating on Lauren in the past but the couple managed to work things out, until now. Kailyn publicly apologized to Lauren for the way she blasted the situation on the show. “I want to publicly apologize to Lauren in regards to tonight’s episode. She didn’t deserve the humiliation she was out through due to a situation between Javi and me. I’ve been in her shoes and I’ve felt that pain, however have never experienced that being exploited on tv.” Kail added that she had a private conversation with Lauren but also wanted to give a public apology.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed that Lauren and Javi have broken up and that Lauren has taken their son Eli to her home town in Maine.

Video | Kailyn Lowry Shows PROOF That Ex Javi Still Tries to Hook Up with Her

Javi went live on Instagram in tears to admit that he has some serious issues and that he wants to start a prayer group. “It’s no secret that this year has been hard for me and my family…there’s a lot that I need to work on.” He also mentions that he has been lonely by himself.

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