Chelsea Houska is Leaving ‘Teen Mom 2’

It is a sad day for ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans as news just broke that fan favorite, Chelsea Houska is leaving the show. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed that Chelsea has filmed her final episode and will not return.

Chelsea will announce the news of her show exit during the next reunion special. (That was just filmed on Thursday.) This is when the rest of the cast, Leah, Kailyn, Briana, and Jade found out as well.

The girls were filming from their homes, along with Dr. Drew [Pinsky] and Nessa, and at the end when all of the girls were on-screen together with [the hosts], they let Chelsea make her announcement to them,” a production source revealed. “Chelsea told everyone that she has decided that it’s best for her family if they move on from the show, and that it was a really hard decision, but that she feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders.

The Ashley also reported that the rest of the cast was very supportive of Chelsea’s decision. Season 10B will air next year but there is no word about a season 11 or if Chelsea will be replaced.

Chelsea and husband Cole are currently building their dream home while also expecting their fourth child. The couple also recently launched a new home decor line called Aubree Says. Chelsea has a successful clothing line with LaurieBelles and a successful line of baby items through Itzy Ritzy.

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  1. Im going to miss you and your family i have been watching every sent you been on the show God bless you and your 👪

  2. How disappointing for us, her fans; but I can understand. With 4 children, multiple business ventures and day to day responsibilities leaving the show will give them a sense of relief. I have been a huge fan of Chelsea’s journey and I wish them the very best ❤

    • Well may quit watching….I am 54 and you and Leah are my fav’s…..good luck…..I guess one less show to record….been with you guys from begining….you were ways my favorite… finally got your happily ever after!!!💙💙💙💙

      • Good for you for following your path. I will miss seeing your oldest daughter’s cute mannerisms. Congratulations.

  3. I have so enjoyed watching you throughout all of these years….. Cannot wait to see what you and your beautiful family do next!!! Don’t be a stranger, we will miss you dearly!!! 🎃🍭👻🎃

  4. Awe I watch this show on Tuesdays for chelsea and her family ❤️ I’m so sad to hear this maybe you will change your mind . If not goodbye guys and I’m so happy your living your best life with your amazing man and awesome kids. Gonna miss you and Aubrey.

  5. Im going to miss u guys that is one reason i watched the show… For u n leah but i guess its best for u guys to move on…. U got ur happiness n so happy the show did not mess that up…. Have a great life…..

  6. Awww you are my favorite and I only have been watching again for your family but i understand and its probably for the best, best wishes to you and your cute little family

  7. She is amazing and her family is so adorable. I have watched every season and she is extraordinary girl that’s for sure. I bet aubry will be such a cool teen. Good luck

  8. She was the most rational. Very smart love her family. Dad is awesome true hero in her life. Family beautiful. I see nothing but great things happening for her whole unit. You go girl

  9. I’m sure she decided this for all the backlash she received for airing Aubree’s personal problems with Adam’s family on the show. I’ve always love Chelsea but I don’t agree with how public she’s been through Aubree’s personal struggles.

    • Right, all HER stuff like their wedding was “too personal” to share but she can air out her children’s dirty laundry for the world to see? Pretty selfish if you ask me!!! It’s just not fair to Aubrey, and Chelsea ought to think long and hard before letting Cole get in her head as much a he does about Aubreys relationship to her dad and his side of the family. I think Cole wants Aubrey all to his self and Chelsea and that’s SO NOT COOL DUDE. The rest of America may think you’re a Saint but I’m sending something pretty of about the situation. Anyways i think it’s good for ANY one to get off of that show, they are trying to turn it into like a bad girls club or some real housewives type of nonsense. I also have ZERO respect for that drama loving host Nessa and MTV as a whole, although I do like Dr. Drew he still managed to be on my good side.

  10. Good. They should just cancel this show. They are not teen moms anymore. They are all grown ass women doing what every other woman has done since the beginning of time. Personally, I’m sick of the same drama these women go through season after season.

  11. Can Dr. Drew and other quit calling them girls now?? They are literally grown women at this point with families and husbands, homes, bills, etc. Not to mention they are now in their late 20s. Some of them are raising girls, they are no longer the girls, they are women!

  12. Finally! Now if they would only get rid of Kailyn and bring back Jenelle then we will have a show. Best of luck to her, and congratulations on being basically the only one who has taken her time and let her journey unfold naturally versus forcing herself into unstable relationship after relationship or marriage after marriage or 3 or 4 different father’s for her children. Yes, she has been the most mature and successful one in that area but she was boring. Boring for the past 4 or 5 seasons, so go live your beautiful and boring life and relish in the success you have manage to find while your costars are still trying to grow up and maybe one day have what you have.

  13. Wish nothing but happiness for you and your family I love watching yous . Now I will stop watching too . You always kept it real on the show and Grew up a very great young woman and mother wish you nothing but the best xoxo

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