‘Unexpected’ Season 4 Trailer & Premiere Date Revealed! Meet the New Cast!

TLC’s hit show about teen pregnancy and parenting is returning for a fourth season this December with three new cast members and two returning.

Coming back to the series are Tyra (17) and Alex (18)…

and season one mom Lily (19) who is pregnant with her second child, but her first with her new boyfriend Lawrence (19).

The three new couples are: Myrka (15) & Ethan (16)…

Jenna (16) & Aden (17)…

and Reanna (15) & Taron (16).

Unexpected will return December 20th at 10pm. Watch the season 4 trailer below:

TLC is working hard to enforce their stance on preventing teen pregnancy and has released the following statement:

“For the fourth consecutive season, TLC is partnering with Power to Decide, the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy, to help viewers use UNEXPECTED as a way to spark meaningful conversations about unplanned pregnancy. There have been historic declines in teen pregnancy and meaningful declines in unplanned pregnancy over the past two decades, according to Power to Decide. However, progress doesn’t mean victory: large disparities still exist for youth of color, and for those living in poverty and rural areas. In fact, nearly one in four girls will get pregnant by age 20, and children of teen moms are more likely to become teen parents themselves. Based on themes that come up in the show, Power to Decide is creating custom discussion-starters, information, and tips for young people and their parents, mentors and allies to jump-start open conversations and ensure that all young people have the power to decide if, when and under what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child. These resources will help viewers get informed and think about how they might handle similar situations in their own lives. The resources will be available for viewers at http://www.PowerToDecide.org and will be shared by TLC.”

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