Chelsea Houska House Tour! From the Gold Bathtub to the Antelope Staircase, See Inside the Teen Mom’s New Farmhouse!

The DeBoer family is getting closer and closer to moving into their new home! ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Chelsea (Houska) and Cole DeBoer are wrapping up their home build and are finally moving in their furniture and decor. Check out the following updates the couple have shared along with photos of the interior and furniture choices!

An overlook of the family room shows furniture in the home for the first time! “So darn happy with how everything is coming together 🥰 Our furniture is all from @furnituremarts and we have a full page with everything linked on my ‘furniture” highlight!'” Chelsea shared to the DownHomeDeBoers Instagram page.

On moving into their new home Chelsea says, “Can’t wait to be in here to really get everything decorated and cozy! A little update on the moving in situation…as soon as we get our stair railing in, we can stay there! We spent the weekend getting furniture in and I snuck a few little decor items here and there to tide myself over until we are actually in 😂 I’m ready to go buck wild up in there!” Speaking of staircases, the DeBoer fam decided to go with this unique antelope look for their “statement staircase.”

“When you want a statement staircase…and you get a statement staircase. OBSESSED!”

Another impressive piece in the DeBoer house is their gorgeous gold bathtub in the master bathroom. Even Cole is obsessed with the new tub stating, “No more showers for me!! Baths only,” on his Instagram.

Here’s a look at the finished mudroom, another bathroom and the exterior of the home.

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Finally we come to Chelsea’s home office, where she plans to work on her home décor line called “Aubree Says.” Just look at that chandelier!

What do you think of the DeBoer house? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. For our last two home build updates and photos click here and here.

UPDATE! 01/07/2021

More photos of the DeBoer farmhouse décor after the family decorated for the holidays and installed their window coverings and stair railings!

Update!! 07/ 08/ 2021

The DeBoers revealed their finished basement/family room where they cozy up for watching movies!


    • That house is so pretty! Now the antelope stuff on stairs, 4 kids are going to mess it up.that living room is perfect, I love her bath tub!! Her Cole and those kids are going to have a wonderful fearful life

    • Lovely home but very sad that you are not doing teen moms any more you were my favourite please change you mind love watching your family grow up

      • Congratulations on your new home! It’s beautiful. Lots of room for your growing family ❤️I hate you have decided to leave Teen Mom 😢 . And to anyone saying nasty thing just remember it’s their home and everyone has different tastes.

        • Love it! Going to miss u guys on teen Mom!! Definitely my favorite family! You have come a long way sooo happy u found a good man and u guys are building a great life together I love watching u every week it won’t be the same without you guys! I don’t see the show lasting much longer if u guys leave cause not many originals left… And those were always the best! Well best wishes and good luck! Hope u end up getting your own show I read somewhere about it but I don’t believe everything I read… Would be cool tho! 😀

    • It’s beautiful but I don’t like that there’s no railing for the staircases. Which 2 toddlers and another baby on the way it’s just very unsafe! God forbid anyone falls!

      • If you had actually read the article you would have seen where it said that’s why they haven’t moved in yet, and as soon as the railings were put on the staircases, she could move in.
        Did you really think they were not going to have railings????

    • so very happy for them and hope they get to enjoy it for many years to come ,you both have worked very hard for all this and love the babys with all your heart and enjoy the freedom but please please check in with us one in awhile so we can keep up with you and your lovely family a few times a year or something good luck and god bless

    • Gorgeous home!! I have always been a fan for chelsea!! YOUR VIBE! Your style! And the beautiful family you have!! BEYOND BLESSED Sister!! HAPPY FOR YOU!! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you.blessings beautiful!!

  1. WOW totally awesome and very beautiful! Blessings on you and family for wonderful happiness in your dream home 💕🎉🍻🍷😘

  2. Congratulations on yalls new home. Smart to wait on those stair railings. Lol. So happy for you and your BEAUTIFUL family.

  3. Love the house!! But not a fan of the no staircase railing, especially with little ones!!! Hopefully it’s something to be added on before completion.

  4. So gorgeous. Love the dark exterior and the mud room the best. Everything is amazing. Congratulations – you deserve so much happiness!!!

  5. So happy for you and your beautiful family! The house is gorgeous and you all deserve it. Best of luck with your businesses, will miss seeing you on Teen Mom. You’ve always been my favorite! You’re a great Mom and a sweet, caring person. Take care, be safe and well and Enjoy!!

  6. Chelsea & Cole and family, I am so excited for your new home! It is beautiful! Your design is so perfect! I love everything about it! You guys deserve it! I will miss seeing you every week but maybe I will get to see what’s up once in awhile! God bless you guys!

    • Another kid getting paid to have a kid, your damn clothes on your website is outrageously expensive, do you think other kids with kids can afford it!!! Yeah I don’t think so, get over yourself you’re no celebrity

      • She had one kid as a teen mom learned a trade and got her life.
        She is an adult now who is happily married to the father of all her kids even the one who is not his biologically. She was smart enough to use the show as stepping stone to launch other business endeavors. So what’s your problem? Should she be shamed and struggle for the rest of her life working at Walmart live in a double wide because she got pregnant as a teen? Guess haters gonna hate.

        • Amen! Chelsea just grew up and made herself a good life! She knew she didn’t want to be the one sitting at home watching the Price is Right, with a kid on one hip and a cigarette in an ashtray. She and Cole worked hard to get what they deserve!

    • I think you’re the one that needs to get over Chelsea, but you need to get over yourself first.

  7. It’s a beautiful home and I’m very happy for you and your family! But it kinda makes me sick now that I was so responsible and didn’t get knocked up when I was 16 and unmarried. Maybe MTV might have picked my story and I’d be living large now like you Teen Mom girls are and living in huge, gorgeous homes, going on tropical vacations all the time and being a TV celebrity. Oh well, so much for being a responsible parent.

  8. Very happy for Chelsea ,Cole and the kids. This home is beautiful and they will have many happy memories. Anyone can build a house, Cole and Chelsea will make it a home.
    Chelsea you have come so far. I, as a parent, am pretty sure your parents gave you a great foundation and I know they’ve both been there for you every step of the way. The way you put Aubreys feelings first sticks out the most to me. Cole is one of a kind for sure. Such a good guy.
    I’ve watched since the beginning, you fought to better your life every step of the way. Don’t let the negativity on here tell you different. I am so proud of you. Please don’t lose site of family first.
    Very best wishes to you and your families future. You sooo got this girl!

  9. It is a very Beautiful house. I do have to agree with a lot of others, yes your a Lovely Person, An Amazing Family. I think there are many out there that would have Loved to been in the position you are to have a Gorgeous home and platform you have been able to make for yourself if they were chosen to be on TV to being young & Pregnant… Gotta say you have been Lucky. Cause if it wasn’t you it would have been someone else. The show doesn’t really show the True struggles of having Children. Cooking, cleaning, the money issues to support a child being young. Living paycheck to paycheck. And so on. Also getting paid to be on the show is not the life of a New young Struggling Parent Teen ager really goes through. Just know how Truly Blessed you are. By gettng to be one of the chosen ones to be on TV.

  10. Beautiful house.. but the stairs without railings scare me.. especially with little ones in the house.. hell I’d fall down those lol

  11. O my I love what u guys have done. You can come decerate my house. You guys did awesome. So happy u guys almost done. U guys total deserve it.

    • I know they should’ve struggled, became addicted and died too. Give me a fucking break. Money has nothing to do with addiction. Addiction is a disease.

  12. Its utterly ridiculous the amount of money these girls made from getting pregnant young and yet there are other 16&pregnant girls that didn’t get the teen mom spin off that struggled,became addicted to drugs and died because of her struggles. This teen mom saga is too much!!!!

    • I know they should’ve struggled, became addicted and died too. Give me a fucking break. Money has nothing to do with addiction. Addiction is a disease.

  13. congratulations on your new home love the open space inside and out will miss your family on teen mom your family is my favorite ❤️

  14. So happy for you and your family. You’d work so hard and have gone through so much that you deserve to accomplish your dreams and goals. You go girl!

  15. I love your house it’s beautiful!! I am sad that you’re leaving TM2, hope you change your mind so I can continue to watch your family grow….

  16. Love your new home.Gonna miss you on the show.Yall were the best couple.Best wishes,yall have a beautiful family.God Bless

  17. Congratulations on the new home and the new baby! I’m hoping for all the best for my favorite teen mom of all time! You held out for true love and after all that time you found your Prince Charming and true love!! You’ve just had your 4th baby and I’m so happy for you. You’re the most mature teen mom in the show. I was a teen mon from 1985 and things didn’t go so well for me as they have for you and I loved watching you grow on the show and find true happiness! I hope you always embrace that happiness. Enjoy your new home and your children and I’m so happy with your decision to leave the show. I will miss watching you but you’re making the right choice. Best of luck to you and your beautiful family!

  18. Congratas… House is beautiful congrats on thre baby girl she is so beautiful and here name is beautiful

  19. The interior decor looks great for a home in SD…Very cozy & inviting..Still really uncertain about the exterior.??. I’m excited to see what look they were going for on the outside … Maybe landscaping etc. will pull it all together and make it make sense.? Just not a fan of it. The hodgepodge shape & the colors… especially the white? I just don’t get it.??.

  20. House is beautiful just like the family you have created. I was 16 with a newborn, and watching that show gave me alot of tips especially now being 30. Chelsea was ALWAYS my favorite on the show!!.

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