Teen Mom Young + Pregnant’s Kiaya Elliot Hopes to Replace Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska recently announced that she is leaving the show after 10 seasons which has left fans wondering who will take her place. “MTV’s Teen Mom 2 has been a big part of my life for almost 11 years. After much thought and discussion with my family and friends, Cole and I have decided that this season will be our last,” Chelsea stated. When MTV had to replace Jenelle Evans last year they decided to move Jade Cline from ‘Teen Mom Young + Pregnant’ over to ‘Teen Mom 2.’ So will the network do the same now that it’s down a cast member? One Y&P star seems to think the open spot should be hers.

Kiaya Elliot shared an Instagram story in which a fan asked her if she could replace Chelsea on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Kiaya tagged the official ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram stating, “the people want what they want.” But will MTV move another Y&P cast member when the show has been barely hanging on by a thread? It was almost canceled this year but was surprisingly confirmed for a 3rd season. The network will probably want to see how the next season performs before making any decisions on the cast.

Perhaps they will add a new mom to the cast from another MTV show like they did with Cheyenne Floyd and ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Cheyenne was new to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise when she joined the show but had already appeared on other MTV shows including The Challenge where she met her daughter’s father Cory Wharton.

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Who do you think will join ‘Teen Mom 2’ to replace Chelsea next season? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


    • Omg I would love 4 then to bring her on.i love her and her mom.i felt so bad 4 her on the last season.i really think she would b the best one to bring back.praying so hard.keep your fingers crossed.

      • Everything going so wrong in the world and THIS is what you’re “praying so hard for”!!! Lol

    • Kayla should replace Chelsea!! Kayla was very interesting and with her moving to another state for her mans career and her mom selling her home and following to help out it alk left us hanging!! She was the best on the show Young and Pregnant so give us Kayla!!

      • YES!!! I totally agree! I love Kayla! She seems to not play into the drama so much or let any of the “fame” go to her head! I also really enjoyed Brianna (not sure which show she was on but her son is missing his forearm due to an amniotic band).

        Just NOT Kiara!! PLEASE!

    • Are you talking about Hollys mom, Ashley? She’s not one of my favorites either. The way she behaved on the reunion show was deplorable!

  1. Yes, it would be great to give an African American young lady an opportunity to give her reality of being a teen mom. Teen pregnancy does happen in other ethnic groups.

    • Lea Messer need’s to leave. Used to love Lea she is very fake as far as a book writing is ridiculous but great for her if has sold well. A book that tell’s everyone what has aired on the show already besides the fact she is a liar and but doesn’t admit that. How she married Jeremy for money all she doe’s or did is bitc…! How much he worked but didn’t have a problem spending that money married two time’s to two great men Jeremy’s money wasn’t enough for her. Her life on the show is nor was never about family working or school poor me poor Lea blah blah blah . Love Corey and Jeremy felt sorry for both of them. I can’t watch the show when she comes on i fast forward . A book that i guess is helping other addict’s that’s good and all BUT !!! All of most addict’s feel lonely oh and sorry what happened to you as a little girl. Did anyone think she was sober on the show NO !!! Replace Lea Messer to she has made enough money to sit home and do nothing now that Corey has the girl’s most of the time. Sorry but not sorry. Love Chelsea Houska so happy for her beautiful inside and out. Lea Messer write your next book that tell’s more truth your a larr always did Jeremy has nothing to do with you being a addict or you being a liar and a cheater so maybe your next step in life you can write how to screw up a family when it was so obvious you really didn’t want Corey to move in the knew trailer with you that’s when it all came so obvious she really doesn’t want him. Let’s put Jeremy on Teen Mom Corey to tell all MTV it would definitely give big ratings. Great idea Yes or No people ?? God Bless all. Love you Chelsea Houska the best along with Kaylyn Lowery if I spelled first name wrong oops.

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