Jenelle Evans FINALLY Regains Custody of Her Son Jace! “He Lives With Me Now.”

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Former ‘16 & Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans revealed on Saturday that she now has custody of her oldest son Jace after signing over temporary custody to her mother 10 years ago.

Jenelle’s main story line in the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise has been her struggle to get her life together so she could regain custody of her son Jace. Even as she went on to have two more children and get married, she has been in a seemingly constant battle with her mother to get Jace back.

In a TikTok Jenelle addressed all of the new fans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ who have discovered the show since it started streaming on Netflix. She has been receiving a lot of backlash from viewers who are just now seeing the first and second season of the show, when Jenelle was at her most immature.

That was the old me, the young me, the stupid me, the me that took risks,” Jenelle explained. “I have custody of jace, he lives with me now full time. My kids are happy, they’re healthy, that’s all that f***ing matters.”

It’s a shame that Jenelle was unable to share this part of her story on the show. She was fired from MTV in 2019 due to the unpredictable and dangerous actions of her husband David Eason.

While Jenelle asked that people not “hate on her” for the actions of her teenage self, she does seem to understand why people feel so strongly. “I get it, I would hate me too if I was watching me. But if you catch up with me now, I’m doing a lot better now.”

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UPDATE #1 – – – – –

Where there’s Jenelle there’s drama and since the news broke that she was claiming to have custody of Jace there’s been a whole lot more of it! Here’s what’s been going down! When Jenelle went on TikTok stating that she has custody of Jace and that he is living with her full time, a certain Teen Mom 2 grandma got VERY upset. Barbara Evans who has had custody of Jace for the last 10 years told TMZ that she still has custody of Jace and that he currently spends 3-4 days on the land with Jenelle. She also said that Jenelle admitted that she “misspoke” in her TikTok.

Oh but there’s more… According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup (who has a long track record of telling the truth and being trustworthy) Barbara IS handing over physical custody of Jace to Jenelle. According to a source that spoke with The Ashley, Barbara “can’t handle” Jace anymore and has agreed to give Jenelle physical custody so that Jace can legally live with her full time. “Jenelle and Barbara will sign off on it legally next week. They aren’t going to court or anything, just signing papers so it’s legal and permanent that Jace lives with Jenelle now.”

UPDATE #2 – – – – –

Jenelle uploaded a YouTube video confirming that Jace is living with her full time and that the living arrangement is in fact due to Jace’s behavioral issues.

“His behavior wasn’t the best at my mom’s house. So we gave him many many many chances and told him he better behave. My mom just got fed up, she called me and said ‘yup that’s it, he’s misbehaving again, I don’t know how he’s gonna do his school work and pass if he keeps it up.’ Jace does half online school, half not.” Jenelle explained that Jace is ok with sharing this information as long as she doesn’t go into detail about what exactly his behavioral issues are.

“The next steps will be going to have the court papers changed which can easily be done and my mom’s completely ok with it. I’ll have to make a YouTube video about that.”

Jenelle goes on to address the conversation that Barbara had with TMZ. Skip to 15:10 in the video for the part about her TikTok and the TMZ article.

“Everyone is blowing up the media and posting about it which is great but now my mom calls me to tell me that she told TMZ ‘no no no Jenelle doesn’t have full custody.’ First of all we have split custody. Let me explain this. Me and my mom have split custody until we go to court and change the paperwork. Right now Jace is living full time with me. This is because of his behavior. She didn’t want to tell TMZ the truth and I understand that. “

Barbara didn’t tell Jenelle she was going to speak to them beforehand which has caused Jenelle to distrust her mom once again. Stay tuned as this story is clearly still developing!

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