VIDEO| Jenelle Evans Says Mom Barbara Changed Her Mind About Giving Back Custody of Son Jace

It was just over a week ago that former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans revealed on TikTok that she regained custody of her son Jace after signing over temporary custody to her mom 10 years ago. Shortly after that she clarified that the paperwork wasn’t final yet but that Jace was living with her full time due to his behavioral issues at Barbara’s house. (Read more about that here)

Since then Barbara and Jenelle have been feuding about that information being public which has caused Barb to change her mind about letting Jace live on the land full time. Jenelle put out a YouTube video explaining the situation. She says that once the news broke in the media, Barbara became afraid that she could get into legal trouble for allowing Jace to stay with her before the paperwork was complete. Jenelle also says that Barbara is afraid that their medical coverage through Medicaid could get cut off if Jace isn’t residing with her.

According to Jenelle, Barbara has now decided that she isn’t letting Jace live with her just yet. “She agreed for him to live with me, now she’s trying to make me look like a dumb***. Now she’s taking it all back.” Jenelle says that she is the only one who can get Jace to do his schoolwork and behave properly. She also claims that Barbara wanted Jace to have “a man in his life.”

Now that Barbara has backed out of the plan to give back Jace, Jenelle has decided to once again cut off contact with her mom. She still has access to communicating with Jace through his cell phone. Jenelle believes that Jace and Barbara have a toxic relationship and that Jace would be better off living with her and her husband David.

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Jenelle is now considering battling Barbara in court for custody, which she did not want to do to spare Jace the trauma of being in court. “I’m being honest with you guys. Either we can battle it out in court or we can handle it civilly like the adults that we are.” She says she doesn’t want for her and her mom to be “throwing dirt” at each other in court and fighting. “I had Jace for a week to two weeks and then he was taken from me again by my mom.”

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  1. You need to grow tf up & stop making those stupid videos of yourself! They are not cute! U always make it about you! Jace has had structure before he was with you! That piece of flesh you call your husband is the worse example of a man you could use!

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