Chelsea Houska Launches New Brand: ‘Aubree Says!’ Everything You Need for a Cozy Home

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea DeBoer (Houska) launched her new home goods product line, “Aubree Says.” The brand offers several cozy home essentials like mugs, slippers, candles, blankets and décor! All within Chelsea’s personal style.

“Your home isn’t your four walls. It’s a feeling. A feeling of warmth and safety and certainty that washes over you as you cross the threshold. It’s that exhale as you sink into the sofa. My mission is to make a line of home goods that capture that feeling. That help to transform your house into a sanctuary. Products that are boldly designed and made with love. Products for your family and mine”Chelsea

Here is the story of the ‘Aubree Says’ brand as stated on the official website: “I believe in big dreams. And I’ve always had a lot of them. For years, I’ve dreamed of building a happy, free-roaming flock of a family. Little ones, spaghetti-stained and giggling, sprinting from room to room. Family is our source of joy. Our sun. It expands our hearts, it motivates us, it teaches us wisdom and demands patience. So much joy, so much freakin’ patience. But our home matters, too. It’s the incubator. The sanctuary. The workshop and oven all at once. It’s the safe spot, with that firelight glow, that helps our family to thrive. A cozy home isn’t just pleasant — it’s important. When it feels like us, when it reflects us, it makes our family stronger. I believe in big dreams. Aubree Says is one of them. We are setting out to make the kind of products that turn four white walls into cozy homes — for families of all kinds. So that you and your family can dream big, too.”

Chelsea Houska House Tour! From the Gold Bathtub to the Antelope Staircase, See Inside the Teen Mom’s New Farmhouse!

The winter collection is now available for purchase and is noted as being “limited edition” on the site. So if you’ve always loved Chelsea’s style and taste now would be the type to snag these products while they are still here.


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