The Meaning Behind Chelsea Houska Naming her Daughter Walker + More in New Q&A!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea DeBoer (Houska) took to her Instagram stories today to answer some fan questions. She ended up revealing a lot about her newborn baby girl, Walker, and how the family is doing now that there are six DeBoers!

Q: How are YOU doing mentally after sweet Walker?
A: I’m actually feeling pretty good so far, thank you!

Q: What was Walker’s due date?
A: 2-16-21 She came at 36.6 weeks.

Q: Did it take you long to choose Walker’s name?
A: Nope! We were set on Walker for a boy or a girl.

Q: Were all your babies early?
A: Aubree – 35 weeks, Walker – 36 weeks, Watson – 37 weeks, Layne – 38 weeks.

Q: Do you still think Walker will be your last baby?
A: I don’t know, makes me sad to think about!

Q: What was the inspiration for baby Walker’s name?
A: There is a place that’s really special to me, and was special to me growing up… called Walker Valley. Cole and I got married there.

Q: Do you think it’s funny that so many of you share birthdays out of all 365 days?
A: YES. so crazy!

Q: Which baby weighed the most at birth?
A: Layne, 7lbs 6oz.

Q: What are all of your birthdays?
A: Cole 4/18, Me 8/29, Aubree 9/7, Watson 1/25, Layne 8/29, Walker 1/25

Q: Did you still spend time with Watson on his birthday?
A: YES! We had a full day with just him. But I was feeling “off” all day. Went to the hospital that night to get checked. (not thinking I was actually in labor) Found out I was 5cm and my waters had broke. (Slow leak didn’t even know.)

Q: How do you do it with all the babies and still look alive!?
A: I only look semi alive this morning because someone was coming to work on our internet and I in’t want to alarm them with my appearance.

Q: Did you have an epidural for any of the kids?
A: I did have one with Aubree.

Q: Did you regret your epidural with Aubree?
A: I didn’t regret it, but I felt after that delivery that I Could’ve done it without the epidural.

Q: What is the most painful aspect of labor? The contractions or the baby coming out?
A: For me… the moment when the head is out and the body is still in.

Chelsea also shared that when she was in labor with Walker, she and Cole walked the halls of the hospital and found lots of flowers which are Chelsea’s sign of good luck!

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