Cole DeBoer Shares Video of Wife Chelsea Giving Birth to Baby Walker!

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Chelesa and Cole DeBoer welcomed their daughter Walker to the world on January 25th. Cole shared a video of their time in the hospital and the birth of their daughter to his new YouTube channel: Doin It With Cole.

The video shows footage and photos of the couple walking the halls of the hospital while Chelsea was in labor, Walker’s birth and taking the baby home to meet her siblings. Watch the super cute video below!

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  1. Imso happy to get to meet her! I was so sad when you left the show and was disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see her. Thank you for sharing she is beautiful!

    • Shes gorgeous congrats to you all ty for sharing. So sad you left the show i dont knw why but enjoy your new life with baby’

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