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Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Eason (Evans) recently unveiled her latest docuseries, “Addicted to Growth,” following the events of her 2019 move to Nashville, TN when she left her husband David Eason and started the process of divorce. Jenelle’s last YouTube series focused on the summer of 2019 when her children were removed from the Eason home by CPS and their battle to regain custody. Shortly after the children came home Jenelle took her son Kaiser and daughter Ensley and fled to TN. At the time she filed a restraining order against David because she feared for the safety of her children and herself.

This new series was filmed by what appears to be a small camera crew that Jenelle refers to as “the agency” she was working with at the time. She says they helped her get into a hotel and figure out what she was going to do when she arrived. Barbara Evans joined Jenelle on her journey to TN along with Jenelle’s son Jace.

In episode 1, titled “Time to Flee,” Jenelle (sort of) explains why she decided to leave David. “I was trying to find my way in life,” she explained. The events of the summer and the battle for her children was so traumatic for her that she had a hard time coping. “I felt like I needed to run away.” Before mentioning anything about the troubles in their marriage Jenelle made sure to point out that she and David are “stronger than ever today.”

“Being in a marriage is very hard… me and David had a lot of growing to do, a lot of boundaries to set that we hadn’t before. I think we were still getting to know each other and just jumped into marrying so quickly that we didn’t know what to expect after that.” Despite coming together to beat their case against CPS the couple’s relationship continued to crumble. “Even though David took anger management classes we still were not getting along.” She doesn’t mention any abusive behavior other than “being loud” when they argued in front of their kids.

The rest of this episode goes over David’s reaction to Jenelle leaving and the way he was behaving online, she also shows some footage from their arrival at the hotel. One of the more interesting things that Jenelle shared in this episode was about the “official” statement she put on social media during this time. “The statement that was made and posted to my social media at the time wasn’t all me who wrote that. It was a collaboration of the agency and the people involved and the people involved.”

Here is the “statement” Jenelle is referring to:

“I’ve mostly kept off social media the past few days because I’ve been focused on making some big life decisions. I’ve lived my life on camera since i was 17 years old. And a lot of it hasn’t been pretty but it’s my life. Like anyone else I want what’s best for my kids and I want to be happy. With time away from teen mom I’ve started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes. I’m starting that now. The kids and I have moved away from David. Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I’ve filed papers to start that process. I appreciate the support from everybody who has asked how I am. Me and the kids are doing great. We need some time to be together. But you’ll hear from us again soon.”

Watch episode one below to hear Barbara and Jenelle talk about David’s controlling behavior and Jenelle’s resentments toward him for causing her to lose her job with MTV.

Two more episodes are also posted below. In Episode 2 Jenelle starts thinking about obtaining a no contact order so that she can have some peace of mind that David wont show up or come looking for her. This episode is mostly footage of the kids playing with toys in the hotel room but toward the end Jenelle does start talking a little bit about “incidents” she and David had to use in court.

Click her to see how Jenelle and the kids spend Thanksgiving during their time in Nashville with Babs!

In episode 3 we see Jenelle begin the process of obtaining the no contact order and talk about divorce. At this time Jenelle was set on the relationship being over and met with a lawyer to make that happen. At this point Barbara and Jace head back home leaving Jenelle to deal with things on her own. “I was on my own for once in my whole life which is crazy because I’ve always had as significant other there with my when I was parenting. So it was really hard for me to handle two kids by myself… The kids still have a very hard time listening to me but they listen to David. It was a big transition for me and for them at the time.”

She went on to explain that it was hard for the kids to transition to this new life in TN but Kaiser’s grandmother, who lived close by, helped out as much as she could with babysitting Kaiser. Nathan (Kaiser’s father) also came out to TN to spend time with Kaiser and ended up taking Ensley as well to help out.

Jenelle was granted her no contact order and moved into a temporary rental home until she could find a new apartment. She also clarifies that “the agency” urged her to move to Nashville claiming that they could help her find work there and that they would help her with her divorce as well. Watch episode 3 below and stay tuned for more episodes to come. (I’ll most likely recap a few at a time!)

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