Gender Reveal Video! Watch Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra Announce the Gender of Baby Number 4!

‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra recently announced via Instagram that they are expecting another baby! Meanwhile fans are watching the couple struggle to conceive during the current season of the show. In this week’s episode Catelynn took several pregnancy tests (that she believed to be “faint positives”) only to discover that she was not yet pregnant. Thankfully though the couple did end up making a baby and they are expecting their little one’s arrival in August 2021.

Catelynn and Tyler have repeatedly talked about their desire for a baby boy after having 3 baby girls. So naturally everyone is dying to know the gender of this baby! In an interview with Celebuzz Catelynn revealed what the couple are having. “Everyone is asking what the baby’s gender is… We have found out that we are going to be having a… drumroll please… another girl!”

(What I imagine their reaction was)

That’s right folks, it looks like this couple was made for making girls! As much as we know that Tyler especially wants to have a boy, Catelynn insists that he is not disappointed. In fact, the couple agree that they are not going to keep trying to have a boy. “While we wanted a boy since this is our last, as long as she’s healthy though that really all that matters. This is our last and final but we know one day we will have a grandson and adore him!

In the gender reveal video you can see family gathered around the prospective grandmothers who pop a balloon that releases pink confetti. No one seems surprised but everyone is happy because this family is about to have a new addition!

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