Maci Bookout RIPS Mackenzie Edwards Over Birthday Party Instagram Post

Maci Bookout has gone off on ex-fiance/baby daddy Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie after being called a ‘petty b*tch’ on last week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ This situation is a mess so I’m gonna give you a little back story. Maci and Ryan share an 11 year old son, Bentley, who has been struggling to cope with his father’s past drug addiction. Their relationship has been up and down over the past several years as Ryan has been in and out of rehab and behind bars. Despite his addiction struggles, Ryan has managed to marry Mackenzie and father two children by her. As of right now Ryan and Mackenzie claim that Ryan is sober and that they both attend recovery ‘meetings.’ (AA and Al-Anon)

On ‘Teen Mom’ we have watched Bentley reluctantly film about his relationship with his dad. In recent episodes he has expressed his desire to go to therapy with his father Ryan. (Who believes that’s a bunch of bologna that Maci has coached him into saying.) In any case all the drama started with Ryan and Mack’s son Jagger’s Birthday party. Bentley agreed to attend the party at Ryan’s parent’s house only to later find out the party was moved to Ryan’s house. This was apparently a big deal to Maci and her husband Taylor who had a very serious sit down talk with Bentley about whether or not he was comfortable with that. Bentley ended up telling his grandparents that he would attend a smaller party at their house instead. Once Mackenzie and Ryan got wind of this conversation they had their own thoughts about who was really behind this whole thing… Maci. Mackenzie states that Maci can ‘act like a petty b*tch’ if she wants but when it starts affecting her children, that’s when she gets real mad.

Maci responded to the insult on Twitter stating, “I really wanted to post some ‘petty b*tch’ (and hilarious) comments, but I’ll wait until they can tell me the definition of “petty” without googling it and reading it aloud.”

After the party Bentley stated that his dad Ryan didn’t really interact with him and the whole thing was awkward since they hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. This prompted ‘Teen Mom’ fans to dig up Mackenzie’s Instagram post from Jagger’s birthday to leave hate comments. Mackenzie responded to some of those comments alluding to the fact that what we saw on ‘Teen Mom’ was not in fact reality.

A fan posted screen shots of Mackenzie responding to comments on the post and tagged Maci. She responded to the post saying, “Mackenzie is brave sitting on a couch responding to strangers on social media about my son, but still not brave enough to sit on a couch and talk to me at the reunion.

Yes, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards were both given the opportunity to talk to Maci and Taylor during the Reunion taping for this season. They both refused so Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry ended up sitting on the couch with Maci and Taylor.

While Maci usually has a decent relationship Jen and Larry, this sit down resulted in insults being thrown and threats being made. Maci shockingly ended up calling Jen a ‘manipulative b*tch’ and Taylor was ready to physically fight Larry outside. We will have to wait for the reunion to see what lead to this epic blowup.

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