‘Teen Mom OG’ Maci Bookout Challenges Mackenzie Edwards to a Fight in Epic Twitter Rant

Maci Bookout took to Twitter this week to give commentary on the newest episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ended up getting heated over her son’s father, Ryan, and his wife, Mackenzie. Once again Maci is referred to as a “petty b*tch” on the show, by Mackenzie which seems to be her favorite insult. The couple believes that Maci wrongfully keeps her son Bentley away from his dad.

I’d rather be a petty bitch than a stupid one. #allday,” Maci Tweeted as she reached her breaking point. When asked if Mackenzie had any other insults for Maci (other than “petty”) Maci said, “That would take a sense of humor, more education, and actual facts to speak about. So… No she doesn’t.”

Then she kind of called Mackenzie a pig… “I’ll never wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty… but the pig likes it! Truth hurts,” she added.

Maci went on to address Ryan and Mackenzie’s conversation about Bentley and their ability to spend time with him. “‘Not as often as you used to’ – – He failed to mention it’s bc Bentley is in school during the week&out of town for sports 2 weekends a month… the weekends he wanted to & was free to go over there… he was there? I’m Confused. #TeenMomOG

Maci also criticized Ryan for not calling his son regularly and not taking advantage of the extra time he could be spending with Bentley. “When that girl [Mackenzie] says ‘if it has any effect on you seeing B’ & then he says ‘she does that all the time’ I’m like hold the damn phone. Do I have control over his bio dad showing up to 5 out of the 100 school/sport events Benny has? & why does he never call/text B?

Can we set up a boxing match between Maci and the evil step-monster [Mackenzie]?” A fan tweeted to Maci. “She needs a good old fashioned beat down. I got my entire stimmy on Maci.

If it’s for charity…SIGN ME UP!” Maci replied.

Mackenzie has yet to say anything publicly about Maci wanting to rumble or her insulting tweets. You better believe I will update this post if she does!

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