Mackenzie Edwards Responds to Being Let Go From ‘Teen Mom OG’

It’s the end of an era people! Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards, along with Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry, have been removed from ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Last week it was reported that the Edwards family got the call that the show was going in a different direction with Maci’s story line. A production source revealed to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Maci was behind the firing. “The Edwards were informed that Maci’s reps wanted to go a different direction and showcase all of her abilities. Maci went to production and explained she wanted her story to cover all the parts of her life and no longer focus on Ryan and his family.”

They also clarified that Ryan and co. were not technically “fired” and it is possible they would be offered the opportunity to film in the future. (COUGH: If Maci’s story gets too boring :COUGH) However Larry told them to not bother calling because he is totally over this show. This all comes just weeks after a huge blow up at the ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion taping between Maci, her husband Taylor and Ryan’s parents.

Mackenzie has confirmed via social media that the family is no longer filming for the show and that this development has opened up an opportunity for her to start her own fitness program. Something she had been wanting to do for a while now.

“So, no, we are not doing ‘Teen Mom’ at this point in time,” Mackenzie explains in a video. “Before all this happened, I was just kind of praying, ‘God, whatever you have in store for us, let us follow that.’ Because I’m a believer, Ryan’s a believer and we both believe if we follow our hearts and follow God’s plan then He is going to open up doors for us that have never been opened before.”

“We had been having this conversation for a long time but it’s hard to pull the trigger on something like that,” Mack shared. “So, we got the phone call saying we’re not going to be doing ‘Teen Mom’ anymore, and we both kind of felt this peace. Well, I have been putting together a fitness plan since I started my fitness journey close to a year ago,” she continued. “I had decided I was going to curate a plan with trainers. I got a team together. So we are finally making that dream a reality and we are so excited. It’s a 12-week challenge…it is so streamlined. It focuses on your food and your exercise and really just kind of getting healthy from the inside out.”

Meanwhile according to an interview Larry Edwards had with The Sun, Ryan has been working on his own business of building “buggy cars.” (Which I had to google because I had no idea what that meant at all and I’m still not 100% clear.) “He’s got a project he’s been working on,” Larry said. “He’s getting a garage built right now. He’s building a buggy to race in California. Fabricating it from the ground up. He would love to build buggies for people. Not many people do custom work like that. He’s very good at it.” Larry also maintains that Ryan has been sober for a couple of years now and is doing really well in that department.

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  1. She couldn’t start her fitness mess while filming? Most moms have other projects going and outside jobs like Jade and Brianna. It’s not like they were filming as much as the others anyway! Lol Don’t use filming as an excuse not to do other things!

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