Watch! Things Get HEATED Between Larry and Taylor | ‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek!

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney sit down with Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry Edwards at the ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion and things get pretty crazy. (If you want more behind the scenes spoilers of what went down on the set you can read about that here) In the meantime watch this sneak peek clip of their reunion segment below!

Dr. Drew confronts Larry about speaking with tabloids about Maci allegedly limiting their visitation with Bentley. Taylor, clearly fuming over this, states that Maci does everything she can to make sure they maintain a relationship despite “what Ryan has put us through.

Larry admits that he did in fact say that 12-year-old children can be manipulated, insinuating that Bentley’s feelings about the whole situation with his father could be partially due to Maci and Taylor’s attitude about it. Maci says that she had no idea that Jen and Larry felt this way until she saw them talking about it on the show.

Things start to take a heated turn when Larry brings up something Maci said in the past about Bentley being put in an unsafe situation. Larry moves to the edge of his seat saying that they would NEVER allow anything to happen to Bentley and that they would never put him in a bad or unsafe situation. When Larry moved forward in his seat though, Taylor took that as a sign of aggression and snapped, “Don’t buck up to me, don’t you buck up to me.”

Taylor moves forward in his own seat and points his finger at Larry and gives an example (of putting Bentley in harms way… I guess?) by pointing out that Jen and Larry encourage Bentley to give his father hugs and to take photos with him. “Bentley is a child. Stop forcing a relationship on the child.”

Watch the sneak peek and make sure to tune into the Reunion specials to find out what happens next!

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