Maci Bookout Dragged for Disgusting Clickbait About Farrah Abraham’s Daughter

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Maci Bookout recently came under fire when she shared a clickbait article on her social media that suggested former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham’s 12-year-old daughter Sophia was pregnant…. yeah, you heard that right.

A story appeared on Maci Bookout’s Instagram with the caption, “Trauma – Farrah releases shocking statement amidst Sophia pregnancy test scandal,” along with a photo of Sophia and Farrah and a “swipe up” indicator. The “story” seems to be linked to a bizarre photo of Sophia holding a pregnancy test that was posted to her Instagram.

Farrah and Sophia are infamous for their controversial and outrageous social media antics so this photo should really be no surprise to anyone. It actually ended up being from Farrah “educating” her daughter on pregnancy now that she is entering puberty. That being said it was very quickly and easily twisted into a money making clickbait article to be shared across social media by other reality stars, spreading the false rumor that this 12-year-old child could be pregnant.

Anyone who follows the ‘Teen Moms’ on Instagram are probably used to seeing the slew of clickbait that most of the cast share on a daily basis to make a little extra money from their following, but Maci fans were not amused by this one. Reddit users commented on just how inappropriate it is for Maci to profit from this kind of rumor. “Dude. This is so gross. Why would Maci share that? Sophia is like what ? 12. This has got to be illegal,” one commenter wrote.

Maci has not yet addressed the backlash and most likely wont. The cast rarely says anything about the clickbait as they are not usually the ones actually posting; they don’t create the captions but they do allow them to be posted to their accounts.

What do you think about Maci’s latest clickbait drama? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and check out these related posts:

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