VIDEO! Jenelle Evans & Deavan Clegg Continue to Feud Over Failed “Girl Sh*t” Podcast

Former ‘Teen Mom 2′ star Jenelle Evans and ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Deavan Clegg have been hurling insults and accusations at one another in a very public social media feud over the recently failed podcast, “Girl Sh*t.’ In the Spring of 2021 it was being reported that Jenelle was fired from the podcast on the day of the launch party that took place in Tennessee. That’s when the sh*t hit the fan.

Jenelle was actually an Executive Co-Producer of the podcast, which Jenelle proved with receipts in her latest YouTube video that detailed her side of the story. Jenelle provided screen shots of her contract for the podcast showing that she was in fact a big part of the show behind the scenes. So it’s interesting that the rest of the cast somehow decided that Jenelle shouldn’t be a part of the show without the consent of the creator or executive producers. Deavan supposedly being the ring leader in the situation who suddenly became distraught over finding out details about Jenelle’s past and no longer wanting to work with her.

Then there is the pregnancy drama. Deavan was apparently pregnant during the time of the launch party and didn’t want anyone to know but according to Jenelle she had told the entire cast. Deavan blames Jenelle for the news being leaked to the media.

In Jenelle’s video below she insinuates that Deavan stole her prescription anxiety medication (which she apparently needs for her “esophagus issues.“) Jenelle did not say what exactly the medication was but during a livestream Deavan refers to the medication as Xanax. Jenelle calls her out for knowing exactly what the medication was even though Jenelle didn’t publicly state it.

According to Jenelle the entire podcast was “messed up” because of Deavan starting so much drama that the creator of the podcast was forced to pull the plug on the entire project.

Deavan however claims to have real reason to not want to work with Jenelle that included alleged child endangerment. Jenelle and husband David brought their daughter Ensley with them to the launch event in TN where they stayed in an Air B&B with Deavan and another creator. In Deavan’s now deleted Instagram Live she said, “You and your husband had open containers [of alcohol] in the car with your young child and I had to drive because I was so upset that you guys were even going to drive and so was Gabbie. Gabbie’s the one who brought it up to everyone that you had open containers and were drinking and driving with your child... I was very upset about that. It killed me inside.

This is apparently what prompted Deavan to quit the podcast and caused the rest of the cast to push Jenelle out and somehow had a security team keep her from attending the launch party. Currently neither Deavan or Jenelle have filed any lawsuits against one another despite them both declaring their plans to do so.

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