Briana DeJesus Defends Sister’s Inclusion on the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Spin-Off

MTV recently announced their new spin-off show, ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ and while it has mostly been well received, some fans have been questioning why one cast member in particular is being included. (Watch the first trailer here!)

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Briana DeJesus’s sister Brittany will be featured on ‘TMFR’ despite the fact that she is not one of the “teen moms” or a spouse of one. Some of the “teen dads” will be in attendance but Brittany is the only other sibling to be included.

Briana took to Instagram to defend her sister’s inclusion on the show. “I see a lot of comments like ‘why is Briana’s sister always there?”

“1) her name is Brittany.

2) she’s my sister and I ALWAYS include my family when it comes to $$$.

3) they personally invited her.

4) she funny asf.

5) she plays a major role in my life, so it shows via teen mom. The company who documents my life???? Give her some respect! Sorry if you feel some type of way that I’m close to my family.”

Briana added, “Plus her one liners make Teen Mom 2 better.”

It is true that Brittany plays a major role in Briana’s story. The sisters along with their mother have always lived together and they work as a team to raise Briana’s two daughters. She has also been included in all of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion specials. Brittany responded on Twitter telling fans that she was actually not feeling well during the filming of ‘TMFR.’ “I was going through a lupus flare up during filming so I was mentally and physically exhausted… I wasn’t my best tbh lol

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  1. She should not be involved of Brianna show cuz it has nothing to do with her and plus Brianna can fight for her self for once .. if Brianna is always having problems she always get her sister in it and Brittany needs to mind her business that is why none of Brianna baby dad are not in the kids life cuz of her family pushing them out of the kids life.

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