‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Ashley Jones and Bar Smith Married in Secret!

‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Ashley Jones and Bar Smith confirmed their engagement back in October of 2020 during an Instagram Q&A session and now it’s being reported that the couple have quietly gotten married.

The news came to light, oddly enough, thanks to Jenelle Evans who went on a rant about being invited and then “uninvited” to attend the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion.’ Jenelle took to TikTok to explain to her followers that she was asked to be on MTV’s new series but as soon as she mentioned her husband David Eason tagging along with her to California she was quickly dropped.

Apparently all the girls are scared of me… but pretty much all the other teen moms were there including Farrah so… have fun watching them.” She went on to talk about the guys who were invited, “Come to find out they did like a little dad filming too! All the dads went, they got to take a little vacation. Ashley’s baby daddy got to go… so everyone got to go. Except David.” When Jenelle brought up Bar specifically it was insinuating that he shouldn’t have been invited.

Ashley did not take kindly to this and quickly clapped back at Jenelle in an Instagram story and this is where she spilled the tea on her new marriage to Bar. “Someone tell Jenelle that yes my HUSBAND was invited… because people actually want him there. Sorry sis,” she posted along with some laughing emojis.

She went on to further troll Jenelle by offering a discount code to her followers for her business in honor of the former ‘Teen Mom’ star. “Anyways y’all, don’t forget to book with @ariesbeautystudio,” she wrote. “Leave code: uninvitedjenelle in the notes section of the checkout page for 30 percent off your booking.” (This doesn’t really have anything to do with Ashley and Bar being married but I needed to include it and you are welcome for that.)

Anyway, back to Ashley and Bar being officially married. The news was also confirmed by Bar’s mom Shen who referred to Ashley as her “daughter-in-law” on social media. Ashley’s mother also confirmed the couple’s relationship status when she too responded to Jenelle’s comment on Instagram, “[Jenelle] meant to [call Bar Ashley’s] husband cause Ashley is married to Bar in real life. I was there, I know.

Not everyone is thrilled about this news, in fact there are a lot of ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers who don’t love these two together. That being said you can’t deny that they are ride or die for each other and seem to be doing well these days!

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