Kailyn Lowry Explains Why She Doesn’t Buy Her Children Christmas Gifts

‘Teen Mom 2’-star Kailyn Lowry recently revealed that she does not celebrate Christmas with her children and chooses not to purchase gifts for them either. In an Instagram Q&A session Kailyn was asked if she buys gifts for her dogs to which she replied, “I don’t even get my kids Christmas presents.” This quickly brought a lot of negative attention to Kailyn’s inbox with outraged fans asking her why on Earth she doesn’t buy her children presents for Christmas!

It has been briefly covered on the show that Kailyn doesn’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. The only family members Kailyn has any contact with (according to scenes from the show) live in Texas. So, it has never seemed to be a priority for her, but now that she has four children you would think she would go all out with decorations and creating holiday traditions with her kids. Unfortunately having three baby daddies complicates things to the point that she doesn’t bother with the holiday at all.

I’ve gone over this so many times but, I got tired of fighting with the dads about Christmas and gave it up,” Kailyn explained. “Every time I got the kids for Christmas my other family members were on opposite years with their families/kids and we started doing big vacations about 5 years ago. So, Christmas can be with their dads, and they don’t have to worry about splitting it. They look forward to our family vacation every year.

Kail chooses to not celebrate Christmas even on another day when she can be with all of her kids at once. “Some of you are curious and some of you are really upset about this. Just know my kids are not going without. Let them have something they only do at their dads.

Last year Kailyn opened up about this on her podcast, Coffee Convos with Lindsie Chrisley. “It is kind of sad, and I get that. I definitely get that… I just feel like it’s a lot. And the amount of money that I was spending on Christmas gifts and then I was only getting them for half the day and then I had to share.

What do you think of Kailyn choosing not to celebrate Christmas in her home? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Makes sense on her part and o dont tjink there is anything wrong. Like she says, “its not like theyre going without”… i thinks its very matura and and wise for her to give them to the dads. Less drama chaos and plus she can give her self a break for xmas, which she deserves. GO KAIL!!!!

  2. Why does it matter what she does with her kids? That is her business and she doesn’t have to justify it to anyone. Her kids don’t go without, there is less drama and everyone is happy so just leave her alone and her decisions alone!

  3. I agree, it’s her business how she chooses to celebrate it.. either way she creating memories and thats what matters..

  4. Well done i say.
    They spent Christmas with their dads,thats special time for them.
    And make other memories with mum🙃

  5. She wouldn’t have to share if her children didn’t have multiple dads. Things are difficult because she made the choices she made when having multiple children with multiple men. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It’s about the children, not you.

  6. It’s her choice really. Like she says they go on a big vacation and allows other parent time with the kids to celebrate. Honestly it seem like it works for all involved so who are we to judge!

  7. idk why people are so mad about this. it’s her life and her kids are pretty outspoken so i’m sure if her boys had an issue with this she would’ve started to make christmas a big deal for them

  8. I dont blame Kailyn for not celebrating Christmas with her kids Christmas is about spending time with your family’s and enjoying each other’s company not bout given gifts or getting gifts.
    Hell I quit celebrating Christmas the yr my dad passed away 2013 I haven’t celebrated any holiday since 2013 when my dad passed so……

  9. I agree with her cause I’m going thru what she is going I have to share my daughter with her dad for Christmas

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