Briana DeJesus Calls Ashley Jones ‘Fake’ in Emotional ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Sneak Peek!

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion,’ the newest show to join the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise premieres on January 11th on MTV. In the following sneak peek, we see the beginning of what could be one of the anticipated fights to be aired on the new show.

The Clip starts with ‘Teen Mom OG’ Maci Bookout coming forward during what looks to be a group therapy session and talking about her feelings of not being ‘enough.’ Maci yells, “I am not enough!” Her castmates standing in a row behind her listen with concern as she explains that she’s been chasing acceptance her whole life. She goes on to explain when she started feeling this way. “When I realized that I found confidence in taking care of everyone else.”

After Maci committed to start taking better care of herself, Briana was called forward to get her own feelings off her chest. “I’ve got some sh*t to say,” she states in a confessional before we cut back to the therapy scene where Briana yells, “F*ck the fakeness!” The ladies behind her quietly applaud as I’m sure they assumed she was talking about herself. (This is a therapy session for self-reflection after all!)

The life coach is immediately confused and asks Briana who that was intended for to which Bri replies, “I’m about to say Ashley.” The clip ends on a seemingly surprised yet calm Ashley.

This is not the first time that Briana has called Ashley out for being “fake.” Back in the summer of 2021 it was reported that Briana accused Ashley of faking where she lived and filming from a rental that she pretended was her home. The girls quickly squashed the drama at that time so it will be interested to see what comes next in this particular scene.

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ will air on MTV, January 11th, at 8pm followed by the new ‘Teen Mom Girl’s Night In’ at 9pm.

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