‘Teen Mom OG’ Maci Bookout Addresses Pregnancy Rumors with Tricky Clickbait

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans have started speculating that Maci Bookout may be pregnant after a few clips of the new ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ have surfaced showing Mac “suspiciously” drinking water instead of beer and with a little extra weight in her belly. Maci has mentioned her inability to gain weight over her years on ‘Teen Mom’ so many fans were convinced that she must be sporting a baby bump. (What’s more likely is that she’s had 3 kids and is a human being.) However, Maci took advantage of the rumor with a clickbait post to her Instagram.

Since everyone’s talking, I am happy to CONFIRM my PREGNANCY news!” Maci shared via Instagram on Friday, January 7. The headline of the article that Maci urged her 4.2 million followers to check out stated “Exclusive! Source confirms Maci Bookout Pregnancy News.” The “news” being that Maci is not pregnant. Which is TOTALLY news. Right?

A source told Celebuzz, “It seems the rumors are popping up again so … to settle the score — no, Maci is NOT pregnant.” The mysterious source also points out that Maci was drinking alcohol while on the set of ‘Family Reunion’ and Maci’s love of beer is proof that she’s not pregnant. “What was shown was a small clip from the show in the form of a trailer. It’s funny how many people jump to conclusions based on a small clip. But no she is NOT pregnant.

Some may argue that an outside company posts the “clickbait” style articles to all the cast members’ social media accounts so it’s not really her who created the post. This is true. Many of the cast of ‘Teen Mom’ and other reality shows do utilize companies that will post these links for them and in return the cast members are paid. This does require the person’s consent though. If Maci disagreed with the post, she could most likely just delete it herself or cease working with those companies. Currently the pregnancy fake-out link can still be found in her bio on Instagram.

What do you think of the situation? Is it right for Maci to essentially trick fans into thinking she’s pregnant? OR is she just making that coin and who cares? Let me know in the comments below!

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