VIDEO: Farrah Abraham Arrested for an Alleged Assault While Out to Dinner. “I’m being attacked!”

Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star was arrested Saturday night after allegedly slapping a security guard when she was asked to leave Grandmaster Records in Hollywood where she was having dinner with two friends. A citizen’s arrest was made (presumably by the security guard) when Farrah refused to leave.

Paramedics were called to the scene before the police, but Farrah was described as being “so belligerent” that the police became necessary, according to TMZ.

The 30-year-old reality star was quickly released and took to Instagram on Sunday to share her outrage about the entire incident that was filmed by onlookers. Farrah claimed that the whole thing started when she was “attacked” by staff members who wanted to film Farrah getting upset. Farrah was then asked to leave by security. This is when the alleged assault is said to have taken place. Farrah was held down on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant by a man wearing a black face mask until police arrived. As police were speaking to Farrah about what happened she can be heard saying “I did not hit anyone!

Farrah shared a video of the arrest with the following message, “I post this as no woman or man should ever be battered, abused, conspired, ganged up on, set up, recorded, and video sold. I’m putting a restraining order on @antonelloparloto who made this dinner reservation and conspired an attack on myself with the staff at @grandmaster_recorders as it was a “private persons arrest” complete setup. I’ve had a very traumatizing year and I don’t deserve to be attacked, bruised, men on me, and battered. As a single mother to be harassed, battered, and conspired against as a paying customer @grandmaster_recorders should fire their management, and security for all contributing to attacking 1 person out of 3 people. I thank the HOLLYWOOD police for rescuing myself from being held against my will and being attacked, I NEEDED HELP- I couldn’t even use my phone. I’m blessed to go to church today. I realize it’s no longer safe for woman to go out to eat in their own neighborhoods. I look forward to my law degree and I look forward to court. Justice will be served as always. Woman it is a scary unsafe world we live in, act upon your rights and always care for others even when everyone hurts you and attacks you. You are resilient and you are stronger then all of the weak people out there who hurt and traumatize us.

Abraham also shared several Instagram Stories about the arrest including photos of the injuries she sustained while being held to the ground.

Farrah also stated, “I’m tired of people harassing me, holding me down, hurting me and lying about me and selling things to TMZ. It’s scary.

For the record I would never touch, harm or continue cycles of abuse or hatred. I couldn’t use my phone to call police as you clearly see I’m the one being attacked and lied about. Can’t wait for court and pressing charges as that is what I would do and is the 3rd time this year I am having to deal with being targeted and assaulted. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! My ptsd can’t handle any more attacks.

No charges against Farrah have been reported.

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  1. […] ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’s Farrah Abraham was arrested on January 15th, 2022, after allegedly slapping a security guard at the Grandmaster Records club in Hollywood. Farrah claimed that she was out with a couple of friends having dinner when the club staff started harassing and “attacking” her while trying to film her reaction. Farrah denied hitting the security guard, but the alleged slap got Farrah escorted to the front of the building where she was held down on the sidewalk in quite the dramatic scene. Watch the video of that here. […]

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