‘Teen Mom’ Ashley Jones Demands MTV Fire Dr. Drew and Hire Dr. Bryant

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Ashley Jones wants Dr. Drew fired after working with Dr. Bryant on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion!’

Ashley posted an image from Teen Mom Family Reunion to her social media, showing her and Dr Bryant holding hands. “I’d like to officially request Dr. B for all future reunions. I think Dr. Drew brings nothing to the table in regards to that.

Dr. Drew has been the host of the ‘Teen Mom’ season finale ‘reunion specials’ since the franchise began. The end-of-season specials are meant to be a “check-up” with Dr. Drew in a therapy-like setting. What usually ends up happening however is that Dr. Drew uses a line of questioning when talking to the cast that brings up intense emotions and there’s always at least one big fight or “walk off” moment to bring in those ratings and views.

In a nice change of pace Dr. Bryant was brought in as a life coach on the new ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ show to help the girls work through some of their personal struggles as well as help them get along with each other.

“It was nice to connect with a real doctor who wanted accountability and insight instead of condescending remarks,” Ashley continued.

What do you think of Ashley’s post? Have you been watching ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion?’ Do you think Dr. Bryant would make a good replacement or at least co-host for the reunion specials? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I totally agree with Ashley! Dr Drew is always bringing up subjects that he knows will cause a problem!

    • Oh please Ashley, 1 you are Not the sole purpose people tune in, I personally watch your segments to get a good laugh and be truly disappointed that you haven’t matured at all from last weeks episode, I honestly think you don’t care much for Dr.Drew because he definitely knows how to get to your inner most without violence….. oh yeah and remember you were an afterthought that wasn’t even considered when they put Jade in to fill that void.

      • Sometimes you need a change I find Dr. Drew to be condescending sometimes and he do cause a lot of controversy incites arguments. These are young people and he shouldn’t be causing problems he should be trying to defuse problems

  2. At this point the show is grasping for straws! They’re not teen moms anymore aren’t the almost all in their 30’s? They need to retitle the show to grown women doing what they’re supposed to do!

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