Farrah Abraham Arrest Update | Security Guard Comes Forward

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’s Farrah Abraham was arrested on January 15th, 2022, after allegedly slapping a security guard at the Grandmaster Records club in Hollywood. Farrah claimed that she was out with a couple of friends having dinner when the club staff started harassing and “attacking” her while trying to film her reaction. Farrah denied hitting the security guard, but the alleged slap got Farrah escorted to the front of the building where she was held down on the sidewalk in quite the dramatic scene. Watch the video of that here.

Now the female security guard who claims to be hit by Farrah has come forward with a now deleted Instagram post (obtained by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup), along with a photo of the black eye she says she received from Ms. Abraham.

This is all so embarrassing yet I have to stand up for myself, not physically, by hitting her back because that would cause problems for me. I really have way too much to lose, I’m a student last few months in my bachelors program, I’m taking care of my mom who has cancer, I work hard physically and mentally. 

What’s annoying is walking around, or just going to work, it’s the worst, I’m proud of myself for not feeding into my old demons and fighting this woman, yet I’m ashamed because I’m walking around with a bruise on my face,” she continued. “Just embarrassed because I look like a punk. People already look at me weird because I’m blind in the same eye she hit me in and my eye sometimes have a mind of its own. Now I have this bruise. Ugh lord help me.” 

The security guard seems to find the entire incident embarrassing and would probably never want to hear about it again. It doesn’t look like she planned to press any charges against Farrah, nothing has been reported at this time.

Farrah however has said repeatedly that she plans to sue Grandmaster Records but as far as we know nothing has come of her statements about it. If she does decide to take legal action for any reason we will update at that time. Farrah has shared some photos of the injuries she sustained from one of the other security guards while being held down to the ground outside of the club.

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