Watch as Farrah Abraham Makes Her Debut on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ | Immediately Offends Everyone

Former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham made her big entrance on last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ after being fired in 2018 for continuing to work in the adult entertainment industry while under contract with MTV.

When Farrah made her first appearance on the show while the cast was enjoying drinks outside of their hotel. We immediately found out some tea about the ways Farrah has offended some of the cast outside of the drama we’ve seen on the show. Ashley Jones says that she actually hung out with Farrah at a party one night and got along great with her… until Farrah started accusing her on Twitter of having a baby to get on TV.

Next up, Cory and Cheyenne revealed that Farrah has claimed that they had a baby to get on the show as well. Cory decided to confront Farrah about her previous statements and that’s when (as Maci put it…) the sh*t hit the fan.

Farrah essentially says that she doesn’t engage with people who approach her in a “ghetto” way. Hearing this triggered Cheyenne to start screaming at Farrah and ended up with her flipping one of the party tables. “It’s ghetto because he’s black right?” Cheyenne yelled. “You don’t get to talk about my child and then come stand here like everything is copesetic.

After calming down and having a short chat with Amber Portwood of all people, Farrah heads back to her hotel room until meeting with Dr. Bryant the next day. “There was a lot to take in, but I only got to say hi to a few before yelling and lying, it definitely shot my nerves.

Farrah opened up by explaining what happened at the party. “When you have someone deliberately isolate and Suprise you and I used the word ghetto which I guess is a verb of isolate and puts you in a group… that I was looked at as racist.” Dr. Bryant asked Farrah to clarify what she meant if she wasn’t trying to be racist. “I felt isolated, like you’re provoking me. maybe I could have used a word like creep… instead my body was reacting to someone who is a creeper… I said ‘woah that’s ghetto’ I don’t know why I said that.” Dr. Bryant acknowledges that she didn’t mean to be racist but that she needs to understand that it is a derogatory term that she can’t use.

Normally I’m superwoman, I couldn’t regulate. I am beyond sometimes disappointed in myself.” In a moment of clarity expresses that she sometimes feels hate for herself. She then agrees to have a conversation with Maci to express some of these feelings. This is where the episode ends my friends. We will have to wait until next week to find out how that sit down goes!

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