Farrah Abraham Explains Why She Let Her 13-Year-Old Daughter Sophia Get a Septum Piercing

Former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham received some backlash for allowing her daughter Sophia to get a septum piercing on her 13th birthday. Many fans said that Sophia was too young for a nose piercing and deemed it “inappropriate.”

“I think her generation of 13 is much different than my generation of 13. Sophia is the first … in my family to get a septum piercing, especially at 13…” Farrah told TMZ about the controversy. “I would rather it be by a professional, sanitized and clean, than my teen going, sneaking off and doing it herself and getting an infection.

Farrah revealed that at first, she wasn’t on board with the piercing idea but wanted to find Sophia a good professional to do it.

To those who might feel it is inappropriate that my daughter got her nose professionally done… I am doing my best as a parent to make sure that she is healthy and happy, and I covered those bases. So, congratulations to Sophia. I’m wishing her the best in her teen years, and if she wants to get more piercings, more power to her.

What do you think of Sophia’s septum piercing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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