‘Teen Mom 2’ Extended Sneak Peek! Briana DeJesus Plans to Meet Up with Kailyn Lowry’s Ex Chris Lopez

In a new extended look at the premiere of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Briana DeJesus chats with her sister about Kailyn’s ex Chris Lopez! Meanwhile Leah Messer has her first date with her new boyfriend Jaylan!

While most of us have already gotten to know a little bit about Jaylan while he appeared on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion,’ this season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ will take us back to when the couple first met. In the following scene Leah and Jaylan sit down for what appears to be their first official date. It starts off with your typical awkwardness that is a first date while the two give some basic information about each other. Jaylan reveals, even after looking at pictures of Leah’s three existing children, that he would like to have kids as well!

In the next scene Briana DeJesus and her sister Brittany are chatting about an upcoming trip Briana is taking to Philly. When questioned Briana reveals that she is meeting up with Kailyn Lowry’s ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez! The two met on Instagram and had been chatting back and forth on social media. Brittany immediately tells her that she’s being “messy” and that it’s a bad idea to go there for any reason. This isn’t the first time Briana has spent time with one of Kail’s exes! Bri insists that she’s going as a professional to be a guest on Chris’s podcast… despite the fact that she’s leaving her current boyfriend behind!

Watch the preview and leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I’ve always thought Briana was messy and I always thought she wants to be like Kail because kail got her ass done so then Briana got hers done kail was with Javi then Briana went with Javi and now kail was with Chris and now Briana is going to Chris….if that doesn’t explain messy qns trashy idk what does .🤣

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