‘Teen Mom 2’ VIDEO | Ashley Jones Explains Why She & Bar Smith Quickly Got Married in Secret

MTV stars Ashley and Bar got married last year in secret, so it was not filmed for the network. “While the cameras weren’t around, Bar and I went and got married. It wasn’t even a courthouse ceremony we just had my mom sign the documents. We didn’t take a single photo. We didn’t have a nice dinner. I think we went to Jack-In-The-Box,” Ashley says in a sneak peek of tonight’s premiere episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Ashley gives two main reasons for why the couple decided to quickly and quietly get married. She says that the main reason was to avoid the family drama of a wedding considering their two families don’t get along. Her second reason was COVID and that she wasn’t sure how long they would have to wait to have a wedding anyway. That being said, after the couple tied the knot, their relationship started to get rocky.

Me and Ashley are definitely at a rough spot. I failed school and everything kinda started falling from under me,” Bar explained. “I have to serve 15 days in county jail for the DUI situation.

Ashley says she feels like the two are “going in circles” in their relationship and that she is not going to be miserable and sad. She’s willing to walk away from the relationship if things don’t change. Watch the sneak peek below and leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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