Kailyn Lowry Addresses Comments Chris Lopez Made About Their Co-Parenting on ‘Teen Mom 2’

‘Teen Mom 2’-star Kailyn Lowry was furious to find out that MTV filmed with her ex-boyfriend/ father of two of her boys, Chris Lopez. In this week’s episode Kail’s castmate Briana DeJesus flew out to Philadelphia to meet up with Chris for his podcast and ended up discussing Kailyn and the custody agreement between her and Chris.

It’s a set schedule every other week i get them for a certain number of days. It’s corny to me though. Why can’t I chill with my kids the way the other dads get to chill with they kids.” Chris tells Briana. She asked if Kailyn doesn’t think he is “up to par” with the other dads, to which Chris replied, “They can’t say that because when we good I can see my kids whenever I want but when they get in their feelings it’s a whole different story.” Chris continued, “you can only handle so much… I became real angry.” (You can watch this scene here)

After the episode aired Kailyn took to social media with a statement about the comments Chris made regarding their custody and visitation.

I wanted to address the way my coparenting
situation was portrayed this week, as I don’t think it
paints the full picture. In any coparenting situation
there is always two sides-regardless of how Chris
experienced it. Our perceptions ARE going to be
different. Emotions are/were involved & that’s
human nature. But I would say it’s not likely for two
people to experience things the exact same way, it
just doesn’t happen. The choices I’ve had to make
have been very challenging for me. I’ve always
wanted the best for my kids and Chris is no
exception to that. But there are extenuating
circumstances involving Chris that were not present
with Javi or Jo. With that being said, just because it
wasn’t as easy with Chris doesn’t mean my character
and feelings have changed when it comes to my
kids’ relationships with their dad.

“Time with both parents is so important and it doesn’t
only benefit them-but me as well. I want my kids to
have a relationship with their dad, but Chris’s
capacity to parent these kids is very different than
Javi and Jo. It has been super challenging for me to
navigate the restrictions surrounding his
coparenting, and I ultimately didn’t make the
decision, the judge did. If things were as easy and
simple as he thinks they are, he would have gotten
more time. Chris always saw them when we were
good because he wanted something from me, but his
motive was never to just spend time with them. He
has gone days and weeks without checking up prior
to court involvement. The boys only have two
parents, and when he is falling short, I have to pick
up the slack and fill in the gaps emotionally,
physically and financially.

“When Chris is constantly referring to “they”- who
is they? They is the court. The court made this
ruling. I showed up the same way he did. I’m not
they. I am she. I am Kail. I don’t have the power to
make the decision that was made.”
– Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn didn’t mention Briana in this post but she did respond to a fan in her Instagram stories who said, “Briana is being messy AF with your baby daddies!” Kailyn reposted the comment with the caption, “Everybody has their thing. Sloppy seconds may just be hers.

Kailyn is currently suing Briana for defamation of character after Briana publicly spoke about an alleged physical incident between Kailyn and Chris last year.

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