MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘Teen Mom 2’ to be COMBINED Into Another New Show in Attempt to Save the Franchise!?

The long running ‘Teen Mom‘ franchise on MTV has been losing steam over the past few years with the network attempting repeatedly to breathe new life into it with shows that continue to fail. Between the canceled ‘Teen Mom 3‘ and ‘Pretty Little Mama’s‘ shows and with ‘Teen Mom Young + Pregnant‘ barely hanging on, MTV introduced another TWO new ‘Teen Mom‘ shows this year, ‘Teen Mom Girl’s Night In‘ and ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion.’

According to a new report by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, we could be seeing the two more successful shows, ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ combined into a new (most likely re-branded) show about the women who are no longer “teen” moms. A source revealed that the shows are no longer bringing in enough money to justify the casts’ enormous salaries.

There are just too many people working on this franchise and it’s not bringing in the ratings and money it once did,” the source said. “They needed to come up with a way to keep the show going but in a cheaper way.

If the two shows are combined the into one, it will most likely be renamed. “These girls haven’t been teens in over a decade. It’s ridiculous that they’re still on a show called ‘Teen Mom,’” the source continued. “Fans have been saying it for years, so it’s likely that the [new] show’s name will not be ‘Teen Mom,’ or at the very least, will be changed to better reflect their current situations.

The biggest question is whether or not MTV will be able to keep all 10 girls on the show. It’s likely that they would let go of whatever cast has less “interesting” storylines. However, there is talk of possibly using a different combination of girls for each episode that way they can only show when something important happens to each one of the girls instead of trying to stretch out important events or drama.

None of this is set in stone right now. This is just an idea that’s floating through production right now. After the first season of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion,‘ it looks like the network has realized how much cheaper and easier filming a vacation style show is since they can have everyone in the same place.

While it’s not been 100% confirmed yet, it sounds like a very cool idea to finally ditch the “teen” part of the show and focus just on the moms and their lives now as women in their 30’s. Would you watch a new re-branded show with at least some of the original cast? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I love all the shows even if they are not teens anymore! Whatever you come up with I will be watching

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