‘Teen Mom 2’ Feud Alert | Leah Messer & Kailyn Lowry No Longer Friends?

Could this be the end of an era? ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer have been close friends for around a decade now, not only working together on the MTV show but going on vacations together and spending time outside of filming. The two seemed to have an unbreakable bond but recently something happened that has changed things between these ladies.

Fans noticed just a few days ago that Kailyn unfollowed Leah on Instagram and since Leah has also unfollowed Kailyn. Leah isn’t the only person that Kailyn unfollowed though, she seems to have completely wiped her Instagram and started over. She is now following 127 people, only a small handful of which are associated with the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise.

In an Instagram Q&A Kail was asked why she “unfollowed everyone,” to which she replied, “don’t trust anyone.” This has led fans to question whether Kailyn has been let go by the network. Last week it was revealed that MTV was considering combining their hit shows ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ considering the shows numbers have gone down in recent years. If they do end up creating a new show it’s likely that they will have to make some cuts… and Kailyn just might be one of them.

Kailyn did take a break from filming after MTV started working with her sons’ father Chris Lopez last year. In fact, it’s been reported that Kailyn hasn’t filmed ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 6 months. Speculation about Kailyn’s possible firing continues as she posts to social media about struggling with depression. She also shared a photo of herself sulking in bed over the weekend with the caption, “How I feel about the f*ckery I woke up to.

Leah has not commented on the social media unfollowfest or addressed fans questions about her friendship status with Kail.

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