Briana DeJesus Attends Court Deposition for Kailyn Lowry Lawsuit | Says “The Crew Hates Working with Kail”

If you’re wondering what’s been going on in court between ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus you are in luck! We finally have an update. Kailyn is currently suing Bri for defamation of character after she made public comments about an alleged physical altercation between Kail and her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Briana claimed that she got her information on the incident from Chris himself and from MTV crew members. She attended a court deposition on March 7th, 2022, during which Briana spilled the tea on how the crew supposedly really feels about working with Kail.

According to a report by The Sun Briana told the judge, “I overheard conversations within the crew that filmed with me, whether they’re on their lunch break, or they’re just gossiping while smoking a cigarette… I overheard some conversations and how most of the crew hates working with Kail, and they would get into detail about the things that she has done to the crew. And she’s not so nice.

It was also reported that Briana attended a court hearing in Florida on Tuesday for Judge Robert J. Egan to rule on her anti-slapp motion, which protects a person’s freedom of speech, that she filed to have the case dismissed.

Briana and her lawyer, Marc J. Randazza left the courthouse feeling confident and even gave each other a high five in the parking lot. No ruling has been made yet but stay tuned for more on this circus lawsuit.

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